Friday, September 28, 2007

Baby Flesh

Last weekend Meg and I picnicked in Prospect Park with our good friends the McMasters. It was getting dark by the time we got there, but the weather was nice, we had a nice spread ripe for the consuming, and we were hungry. We plopped down not far into the park and began a nice, leisurely meal. I was enjoying the conversation and had just taken a mouthful of delicious red beets when Meg suddenly jumped up, sanctified poop loudly, and screamed her sweet little head off. Mrs. McMaster followed suit, quickly picking up the crazy sparkly toes dance begun by Meg. Mr. McMaster and I eagerly brandished our sporks, wild-eyed and ready to confront those who had caused our women such distress.

Turning around, though, I saw nothing. It was then that Meg managed to speak through her cries of horror. She said one word: rat.

Apparently, a single brave rodent, possibly drawn by the luscious smells from our picnic—and perhaps emboldened by cousin Rémy—had streaked under our blanket directly behind where I was sitting, fumbled about momentarily, and ran back out when he realized there were no munchies to be had from his position. Meg and Mrs. McMaster had seen the offending beast and reacted accordingly. Mr. McMaster and I remained oblivious throughout the entire assault.

After the ladies calmed down, we tried to resume what had up until then been a peaceful meal. But the peace was not to return. Instead, our evening took a rather eerie turn for the worse. As we sat there talking about what had just happened, we began to notice numerous dark shapes speeding in and out of the shadows. Word had gotten out—there were goodies in the park that night. We were surrounded by rats. And we’re talking NYC rats here. Koala Bear-sized rats. (have you ever noticed how a Koala Bear—were you to give it a different body shape, different ears, different nose, shrink it down, give it a wormy-looking tail, and take away its Eucalyptus leaves—is not all that different from a rat?)

The picnic was ruined. We shoved what food we could either into our mouths or our bags, gathered up our blankets (watching for any little buggers that may have infiltrated our safety zone), and got the heck out.

On our way back to the demilitarized zone, we began a rather stimulating discussion of rats, particularly the portrayal of these ambassadors from hell in pop culture. Eventually the conversation turned to the classic, well-loved Disney movie, Lady and the Tramp. First of all, we talked about how it’s funny that, in a movie based completely on characters who are talking animals, the rats in the story were somehow left out in the speech department. Tell me, how is that?

Secondly, we mused on the peculiar fact that the climactic scene in the movie occurs when Tramp rescues a baby from two beady-eyed rodents. Is a rat really a source of danger for a sleeping child? Is that scene believable—apart from the fact that the rats are the only animals that can’t talk? Should parents be worried about rats in the nursery?

Apparently so. Mrs. McMaster proceeded to share with us a story about a bird owner—he had a parrot and two smaller birds—who was startled one day by piercing shrieks and squawks from the bird cages. Upon entering the room, he found the parrot in great distress and one of the smaller birds dead at the bottom of the cage. Baffled, he cleaned up and counted is as an avian loss.

The next day, the same thing happened. Again he heard a commotion from the room with the cages, and when he went to check he found the other small bird had been killed. The mystery was thickening, and now all that was left was the parrot.

Days later, the man heard the ruckus start up yet again and rushed into the room, hoping to catch the culprit red-handed. And catch him he did—an ever-loving rat—only it was not red-handed…it was red-mouthed. This vile creature had found its way into the cage with the parrot—mind you, a bird with a rather large beak and decent talons—and had gnawed the bird’s face off.

We cringed in horror at Mrs. McMaster’s story. If a rat could do that to a parrot, then, yes, it’s probably not too far-fetched to cast a rat as a baby-hunting villain in an animated movie.

But then my mind got to working. Why keep it confined to animated movies? This could be the next great B horror flick, right up there with The Stuff and They Live. Think about it: parents in a small town are terrorized by rats jonesing for human urchins. And I already have the perfect title: Baby Flesh. Alas, I’m too busy to dedicate the time needed for this project right now, so it’s up for grabs. Please feel free to jump on it.

P.S. – If anyone does decide to tackle this challenge, I think it’d be nice if you gave Meg a small role.

Monday, September 24, 2007

First Day...

Well Folks, It is a big blogging night for me....Gabe's playing basketball so I thought I would catch up on some posting!

I started my new job today...I am so glad the first day experience is over. It was a really great day, but all the anticipation and anxiety that goes into it is no more! Gabe and I were able to commute together (John, my step-dad, was also in the city for work, so it was a nice treat to have his prayers on my first day). I got there pretty early so I stopped into Barnes and Nobles to kill sometime. I ended up being a little sick in the restroom (and had a stomache all day yesterday) but that is definitely how my body deals with stress. Once I got to L'Oreal I was really excited.

I had orientation from 9-1, the neat thing about orientation is that not only was I being 'oriented' but I was also seeing what I would be doing in a few weeks/months. I am one of three in the New Hire Welcome Center and will be doing the presentations for new employee's. Everyone knows I love the cheesy team building, get yourself pumped up kind of activities (no we didn't do any trust falls) so I really liked the orientation. They gave us a tour of the building, we got our i.d badges made, saw the cafeteria (we have our very own Starbucks), and o' so much more:)

After going over all of the benefits we watched two videos. 1.The first one spoke about how amazing the company is and how it will exceed all of your expectations, blah blah, and how we are the leaders in the beauty industry...I am sure some of my closest friends are laughing right now...hey- remember when it was my new years resolution to start wearing makeup? you never know!!
2. The 2nd video was about our volunteer day. Once a year everyone does a service project out in the community. This is something my big boss heads up and I am pretty excited about being a part of.
Because I enjoy these kind of things, I was on a little high about my new job and the company I am working for!! We also got goodie bags, I took a picture so you guys can see all the stuff I got, if you guys come to visit, don't bother bringing shampoo:)
O the perks!

During the afternoon I started learning some of my job duties, I want to learn them all fast, but I know it takes time, will keep you posted,
Thanks for tuning in...xoxo

A little shout out to Johanna who went shopping with me all day Saturday to ensure I had some fun girly outfits....She was such a trooper, we went to the Staten Island Mall and it took some time getting out there (we had to take a subway, ferry, and a bus)...We had a fun time doing such normal stuff, like eating in a food court, running through a park lot in the rain, and then having to get back on the bus, ferry , and train....hmm, nothing like living in the big city!THANKS Johanna,

Reception Fun!

Here are a few of the gang at the reception. What an experience. Have you ever eaten for three hours straight at a wedding reception? We have...I kept having to say " No gracias" BC I was not so brave...they served prawns with the feet and head (eyeballs and all),we each had like 10 on our plate. I mostly ate bread so probably gained a good 10 pounds! It was really fun....they brought about 6 different dishes, when you thought you could eat no more....they had another dish ready for you.

Brandon and Lydia cut the cake with a sword and then he picked her up and took the wedding topper off and put her down, that was a cultural thing that we enjoyed watching! After the meal we danced....

I actually love to dance, although other then having rhythm I really can't dance very well. But I pulled some other ladies out there and we joined the Spanish women. We mostly just stood in a circle and shook our booties. Occasionally we would put our heads in the center and yelled something...I, of course couldn't understand what we were to yell so I just yelled ARHHHH, kinda like a pirate;)Gabe got out there also, don't let this guys fool you, he can really get into it:)

Brandon and Lydia's first dance was to a song in Moulin Rouge. Gabe and I were loving that....If you didn't know Gabe learned the whole soundtrack to wooo me when we first started dating bc I was obsessed with the movie when it first came out (and hey it worked!). So when the song was being played, Gabe and I were singing it loudly to each other, we are pretty dorky, huh? Don't be scared nobody else could hear us.Don't be jealous;)

This is Austin, Brandon's nephew, he happened to thoroughly enjoy the prawns

The sword cake cutting

The NY Rob's with the NC Rob's (Gabes folks:)

Wedding pics!

Here are some pictures of the ceremony! I tried to put them in order but when I download the pics I can't actually see them while sorry about that, but you get the idea. This wedding was gorgeous. It was so special that Gabe and I were able to share in this with them. Brandon met Lydia in Barcelona while doing mission work with Youth for Christ....we all knew pretty early on that she was the one!

To be able to be in Spain and see how they brought both cultures together was pretty darn special. I think one of my favorite things was the singing in both english and spanish, it was really touching so to hear us all try each others languages....We are all serving one big God!!

We love you two!

The beautiful bride, Lydia

Flower girls, and a handsome ring bearer! These little girls couldn't understand a word the other was saying (one spoke Spanish, the other, english) but they were the best of friends by the end of the night!

My hottie!

Brandon and his mom~

The Brewingtons!!!!!


Tuesday, September 18, 2007


La Alhambra in Granada, Spain. These are way out of order and I am not putting much as far as description but really just wanted to get the pics posted~ We spent last Thursday here with a few other folks that had flown in for Brandon and Lydia's wedding. We had a tour guide that lead us around and told us what each room was...It was amazing to look at and all of the facts were really interesting! Back in the day (ask Gabe the dates) 2,000 people lived within the walls of the castle.
Enjoy the pics! Wedding pictures to come!

Gabe and Brandon (the groom)

This picture cracks me up...we wanted Brandon to be in it but he wouldn't join us bc Lydia wasn't with us....We were begging him but he insisted on taking the picture so I said I wouldn't smile:) And I kinda ruined the pic!

Viva Espana!

Last Tuesday Gabe and I headed to Spain for his best friends wedding! What a great trip! We flew into Madrid, and although exhausted, spent a few hours on a site seeing bus with some other friends who met us there. Then Wes, Jocqueline, Gabe and I packed up the rental car and drove to Jaen (the town where all the wedding festivities were held). This was a three hour trip, but without directions, and a messed up GPS, and no ending address the journey was an intersting one (plus Gabe and I had been up for over 24 hours at this point!)

Wes did a great job, even though at one point his wife Jocqueline and Gabe were yelling at him to slow down ( I was just laughing).

Here are a few pics of us in Madrid (please remeber this was after our overnight flight.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Air Guitar 206 22nd Street, #2

Meg and I watched the documentary 'Air Guitar Nation' tonight. As the name suggests, it's about air guitar players. A whole cast of colorful characters--from C-Diddy to Bjorn Toruqe--make their way to the world air guitar championship in Finland. Needless to say , it was awesome. Not quite as good as 'King of Kong,' but good nonetheless. In fact, it inspired Meg and I to hold our own air guitar championship afterwords. One song apiece. One winner. No holds barred. Meg went first, and I chose the song 'Say It Ain't So' by Weezer for her. She did a pretty darn good job, although she was a bit too happy for her song and lost some airness marks because of it.

I was up next, and Meg chose 'I Believe in a Thing Called Love' by The Darkness. My fingerwork wasn't the best, but I rocked it out and lost my glasses in the process. If Meg and I take this to the next level, we're going to need some rockin' stage names. Suggestions are welcome.

Friday, September 7, 2007

I gots the JOB!

I have been on again off again looking for a new job for the last 9 months! So this is a huge deal in the Robinson household!(PS this is Meg, I think Mr. R forgot how to blog~ come on Gabe these folks miss you;)

I could post a picture of how I looked when I found out but I will save that. I just wanted to say thanks for all the prayers and encouragement while I was looking!

My new job is with L'Oreal as an HR analyst....Sounds kind of important huh? I will be working in the New Hire Welcome Center and will be letting people know about all the benefits while working at L'Oreal. One that I already am excited about is every two months we get $75 to spend at the L'Oreal store~ WHAT, that's craziness!
So excited and really thankful~ continue to pray for the transition. I start on the 24th..

So be expecting hair care products and books for christmas~:)

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

The greatest city in the world

Gabe and I have lived in NY for just over a year and a half, and I have to say...we are pretty darn smitten! I have my days when I am cursing the lifestyle, but most of the time we are really thankful that we are here. If you are interested...Day's I curse the city...
1. Carrying my laundry to the laundry mat and when I get there all the machines are taken. If it is overly hot or cold, I am in a really bad mood. It doesn't make it any easier knowing we have a washing/dryer machine back in NC
2. If it is raining before work. I have to walk three blocks to the subway, if it's pouring, I end up looking like a wet rat by the time I get on the train. If I am wearing flip flops it's worse, I almost die every time! Once I get off of the train I need to walk a few more blocks, so if I had dried at all on the 30 mintue ride, you can't tell by the time I get to the office.
3. Carrying my groceries when I have had to buy milk, oj, or anything else to heavy. If it's raining just tuck me in and call it a day. It takes about 10 minutes to get the feeling back into my fingers on big grocery shopping days.
4. If it is over 90 degree's out. I actually hate the heat. It wears me out and makes me smell less then desirable. If I have to walk in it (to and from the subway) I usually am ready for another shower by the time I get to work.

Think that is about it, but you can ask my husband for other things that make me crazy!

BUT there are so many things that I love....
Not going to list them here, but they will come out as I continue to blog~

Here is what I was doing on my lunch break today...Where else does this happen?

The way the guy in the front is sitting cracked me up, anyone else?

Not to much happenin'

Well a few weeks have gone by and we have not posted anything new, so although not much is going on here in the Robinson household I didn't want any of our faithful followers to give up on us:) You know who you are San Fran~
We have created this blog for friends and family who aren't able to see us often, but it makes me laugh when I realize my family doesn't really remember to check...come on guys, get on the ball here;)

This past weekend Gabe and I headed up to Columbia University to visit friends from NC who just moved up here. Steven and Courtney went to Carolina with Gabe and they just moved here with their 5 month old son little Steven while 'Big' Steven gets his masters. Gabe and I were so excited when we heard they were headed our way! It feels like having family here!
Here are a few pics of our time together....

They are staying in married student apartments, and their place is really nice! They have a little balcony...and the boys sure enjoyed their time out there...wonder what they were doing? Courtney and I may have a long year ahead of us...haha!

I kept telling Courtney how great the apartment was and how spacious I felt it was. She was agreeing with me for a about a minute and then she was like, Meg...this isn't big at all! See what living here does, if you can fit more then a bed in your bedroom it's considered big in our book.

Check out little Steven, such a sweet happy baby!! Look how much fun Gabe is having.