Sunday, June 29, 2008

IBS- this is a gross nasty post-warning

I feel comfortable blogging about this because my blog is only visited by friends and family, but for those who don't know....I have major stomach issue's- always have, unfortunately always will.

If you want me to stop at that: stop reading this post~ if I offend or if any of you say afterwards why would she share this gross story, you shouldn't have read it...fair warning!

Last night Gabe and I went into the city to have dinner with my cousin Chuckie who was here with a group of kids and chaperone's from the school where he teaches. When Gabe and I got off of the train it was pouring...When we got to the restaurant we were soaked- I was actually squeezing water out of my pants. We had a nice Italian meal, and then went to get some dessert and coffee. My stomach started feeling funny but I am on some amazing meds for my spastic colon and haven't had major issue's in a long time (my gastro doctor is one of my best friends, bc in a weird way he has allowed me to go places without worrying about the stomach aches that I have grown accustomed too)

Chuckie and another chaperone had to be back in China town so they only walked half of the Brooklyn bridge with us....
See picture of happy us below:

Then we split ways...we headed towards home, but my stomach was really acting up!
For the rest of our journey across the bridge I was in pain. A LOT of PAIN. I was praying and swearing (sorry folks) praying and swearing....I kept saying keep it in, keep it in, please god take it back to my belly and away from my butt. I was very close to going in my pants (this is where the readers who think I am crazy or gross should stop reading).

What do you do when you are walking across the bridge and are having muscle spasms that you can't control and are about to make you go right there? Pray and swear, pray and swear....I made Gabe talk to me to keep my mind off of it but he said he was just praying the whole time (and I am sure swearing too:) He was so good to me, but there was nothing he could do at this point. I was also saying- squeeze the cheeks please don't come out, please don't come out...

After we walked a mile across we had to walk about another to find a spot to go (the park looked very nice but I think I was to scared to actually stop there. So as we passed a building that I saw people in (security guards). We just went in and begged for a bathroom- I was almost in tears, sweating bullets- they escorted us to the 2nd floor bathrooms. Come to find out we were in a Morgan Stanley office building....such nice nice guys that let us in. Gabe got to know the guard well as they spoke for a good 30 minutes.

After that we went to find a train to get home quickly...but the R train wasn't running and by this time it started up again so I ran into the Marriott...30 minutes later we were running to a train, 15 minutes later I was home...and still feeling so very sick!

We are just super thankful that I made it home...what a stressful experience. Calling Doc Adler in the morning!

Ms. Dakota's at the groomers

So we dropped Ms. d off a few hours ago to get her haircut....kind of sad bc she is super soft dog but i think that when it grows back in it may be a bit wirey! It's also storming right now so I am sure she is doubly terrified! Funny how hard it is to leave her with strangers (and yes we know- she's just a dog)

Here are some last pics of the girl with her puppy hair:)

Meg with dakota~

Gabe with the babe...

And the whole family....

Thursday, June 26, 2008

And the verdict is....

So today I went back to work, felt really weird bc after two weeks you form new routines.

Yesterday at around 3 the judge called us in and said thanks for everything....go home! After 5 days of deliberating and 3 notes to the judge saying we couldn't agree, they classified the trial as a mis-trial.

It was a super sad case, it was a murder case were someone was stabbed three times and the police did an awful job at collecting evidence, interviews, dna, etc....I would rather tell you about it then write it in detail, so just ask:) One of these days I will write something up on some of the other jurors- what characters we all are! Each juror definitely has a role....
Any guesses on mine?

I was the feisty one who kept us on track....surely ticking people off along the way.
Felt good to be back at L'Oreal!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

In case you are wondering....

Going back to court tomorrow....12 people need to agree, it's not happening.

I MISS WORK!!! (and my sanity and my mind) Last night I fell asleep at 8:45...going crazy here!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Random happenings....

Back to court today....hoping to be finished up today!

Dakota had her first bath since her surgery....well needed.

After three weeks, the construction site it back to it's normal schedule- 7-6. I am trying to stay positive about it....sooner they are back to work, the sooner it will be finished!

I went to a baby shower for good girlfriend Saturday morning while Gabe went to work over at his seniors house (we both volunteer one on one with Seniors in the neighborhood). He spent hours tearing out hardwood floor- I spent hours talking babies and eating yummy food!

Other then that we have been pretty low key lately. Our friends just came back from vacation and had us over for dinner (so good to see them!)

Here are some random photos of Dakota's life....

McMuller this photo is for you....Katie's a very good friend who up and moved to San Fran a few months after she found out she was prego....she has kept us updated on her belly growth with pics in her undies. Everyone gave her a hard time about it...but I think they were great!

Dakota aka gumby....she sleeps upside down and bit twisted

Thursday, June 19, 2008

I froze my buttocks off for Maria Taylor and so should you.....

So a few of my girlfriends and I went to see Maria Taylor in concert last night....If you get a chance to look her up, do~ She is terrific!
I don't love her website but amazon has some good clips of her stuff. I would go in to detail about the concert but not enough energy to actually do that...

Started to deliberate today....four hours arguing with other jurors, prayers are needed! Back again tomorrow!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Day 4 and counting....

Sitting in a court room listening to testimonials is exhausting....I am ready for this experience to be over. It has been extremely interesting but just extremely intense! When I get home I feel a bit like a vegetable!

Kinda stinks bc Gabe's folks were just with us and it could be fair to say that I was lazy and my mind was a bit preoccupied. They drove a penske truck up and brought some of our furniture that has been adorning both sets of parents homes! It looks nice in our little apt....will have to post pictures once we have it all situated....Thanks so much mom and pop rob!

It was a pretty low key weekend and that was really what Gabe and I needed. We went to Tavern on the Green Saturday for lunch. Sue had seen it on a movie and thought we should check it out. The food was really good and the atmosphere was pretty idyllic but think we all agreed that we were glad that we went once...but probably won't go back.

Have to go run to the laundromat to move clothes from washer to dryer....the joys of NYC!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Jury summons....

The past two weeks Gabe and I both were called to go in for jury duty....Gabe went to civil court and had to only spend a day and then was released for 8 years. I went to criminal court and was put on a case~ today is my first day reporting!

I am a bit scared and nervous but realize what a huge responsibility it is...I hope I don't start giggling bc I am so nervous- Anyone else have that syndrome? My step-father used to get so mad at me when he was teaching me to drive- I would hit the mailbox and laugh, almost run into someone- laugh, hit another car in the parking lot- laugh!I would be laughing the whole time....He would yell- "YOU need to take this seriously- it's not funny".

Wish he could come to court with me:)

Will fill you in on how it's going as the times goes on....they are thinking I'll be there for 6 days but that is always hit or miss~Pray for clarity of mind!

This pic has nothing to do with jury duty....but wanted to share! Dakota was spayed last Friday-- all went well and she seems to be healing well!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

A few catch up items....

The result of having a 2X4 come thru our window has now made our place look like this:

It pretty much stinks...we enjoyed sitting out there and having the sunshine come in....but all that is gone. The construction will continue for the next two years- ECK! Thankfully I think the outside structural things will only take another year, so they may take it down then. The construction site has been closed down over the last two weeks, they had to make many changes to make it 'safe', punks

There is one positive that comes along with the scaffolding--it's 98 degrees today- and the apartment feels great! We have put the AC's in but haven't used them yet!

This picture is a often do you see someone stealing a piece of metal using a wheel chair?