Wednesday, September 25, 2013

3'z is the Bee's Knee's!

Finnegan is 3 years and one week old. My girl is growing up way to fast on me. 
We had the grandparents over on her actual birthday and it was a very low key pizza party to celebrate our sweet Finn Marie.

I am going to start a tradition for the girls (I think I did this last year for Finn) on their birthday and it's starting the day with a mini cake in bed as soon as they get up. I think I read that in the DIVINE SECRETS OF THE YA YA SISTERHOOD when I was 15! It went over really well this year and Finn just opened her cards and played with stickers for about 30 minutes.

Love you to the MOON and BACK!

This is what Gracie looked like when we told her she couldn't have cake!

Don't worry I sat with the birthday girl!

Action shot- blowing out the candles!

Gracie wasn't going to miss out this time!

 Then this past weekend the Breedloves came to visit! We had such a good time catching up and Finnegan loved having her buddies here. 

Monday, September 16, 2013

Zoo day to celebrate our 3 year old!

Finnegan turns 3 on Wednesday. It really seems like yesterday that we were headed to the hospital in Brooklyn for her arrival and today she is a real little human with thoughts and crazy emotions. Finn is a true first born daughter. She wants to please, she wants everyone to LOVE her, she wants to help and care for her sister, etc...She is so sweet and a very sympathetic child. If someone is hurting or sad it's almost like she can sense that, I pray that her caring and loving spirit stays with her. I also pray that as she gets older she would gain a confidence in who she is and not question that. 

We took the girls to the zoo on Saturday instead of a birthday party. It was really a perfect day. Everyone was in a good mood and it felt good to be out and about and be together! (We have one more month of the academy and we'll be thankful to have an actual schedule once Gabe graduates).

I'll the pictures speak for themselves. I don't have anyone to edit this;)

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Going on a bear hunt....our new favorite!

Bryan, Crystal, and Janey got this book for Gracie and we read it about 10 times a day. We love it! It provides lots of creative play as we search for bears in the house (it's usually Gabe or I;)
This video is a bit long, and it really is just Finnegan reading, but we wanted to document it for ourselves!