Thursday, February 21, 2008

A.K get better soon

So it is 8:44 on Thursday night and Gabe and I are home...where were we supposed to be??? The Alison Krauss and Bobby McFerrin,concert! After dinner we went over to Carnegie Hall- we were overly excited until we saw the sign- Alison Krauss is unable to attend tonights performance bc she is sick...

WHAT???Singers aren't allowed to be sick, are they? We could have stayed for Bobby (and would have loved it) but we wanted to hear the two of them-- together, so we sold our tickets to the 'out of towners' and headed home...

Ahh man, such disappointment....
We still love you Ali- get better soon:)

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Just a few more days....

Until Gabe and I get to see Alison Krauss, Bobby McFerrin, and Edgar Meyer at Carnegie Hall!!! I am fairly confident that this concert is going to be AMAZING! We'll give details next weekend!


What a crazy busy glad it is a three day weekend. Gabe and I have nothing going on, and I love it! My best friend was going to be in town but was sick so we are postponing that girly weekend! (can't wait!)

This past week I had a conference for work. It was such an amazing week- we learned a lot about our biz and the culture at L'Oreal. It was a great way to network and see the people behind each function. I met people who are chemists (creating new lotions, marketers who work 24-7 to get you to buy the product, doctors who stand up in court and say- Great Lash did not give you that rash, ect...) With all that said, there is a lot of room to grow with this company and I am pretty excited about what the future holds career wise! If you want details of the team building chants we made up or the wine tasting competition--just give a call, I am feeling a bit worn out from it all!

While I was out of the office all week my amazing husband was busy dealing with a broker (who was probably on drugs) to make sure that we got our new apartment lease signed! I take that back- he did the paperwork and I made all the nasty phone calls to tell her to get her act together. By the end, she took a TON of our money and we got the place....I am a little sick to my stomach thinking she is probably going on a small vacation with our money while I sit and eat cereal for dinner for a week. While I am ranting let me just tell you...this is the apartment we saw a few weeks ago without a broker, I called her to say we wanted it, she said it wasn't pet friendly...and so the story goes.....Everything changed once she decided to ask the landlord about the dog!

We are very excited to be moving into this apartment next month! We are one step closer to getting our dog now (the landlord and her daughter love pets so we think the broker was lying, although cant figure out why)! Will keep you updated on when that will happen, but it will probably be summer time before we actually get him. (I can hardly wait!)

Nothing else overly exciting to report....

Friday, February 8, 2008

Get comfy--it's a long one.

The oh-so-rare post by Gabe:

Usually when people say that something is the funniest thing ever, it's understood that there's a bit of hyperbole there. But last night might actually qualify as the real deal, at least to me and Meg.

About 1:00 in the morning I'm roused from my sleep by the concurrent noises of our door buzzer and Meg's asking if I hear it. Immediately I'm wide awake, listening as the buzzer continues to sound for several seconds. Curious and a confused more than anything at this point, we both get out of bed and creep into the family room, where a window overlooks the front door below. We leave the light switched off, and Meg opens the blinds a crack, just enough to see if someone is standing outside the house. She begins whispering, over and over, "My heart is pounding. My heart is beating so fast." Fright has joined the confusion and curiosity of a few seconds before. But, not seeing anybody, we shrug and head back into the kitchen, the room by which access is gained to our apartment. Just as we're passing the door, though, we hear something outside in the hall, and we freeze.

I'll admit that confusion and curiosity are completely replaced at this point. We're scared now—there is somebody in our hallway, some squinty-eyed, shuffling madman who rang our buzzer and then broke into the house. At least that's what we're thinking. What other possible explanation is there? There's not one, so, I say again, when we hear the noise in the hall, we both let fright come into the picture.

But Meg's fright is on a whole different level than mine. Mine is mixed with a little bit of excitement. For those who know me, I have a fantasy where someone tries to mug me and I defend myself with extreme prejudice. This is almost the same thing: someone breaks into our house and I'm going to remove him...with extreme prejudice. I'm already envisioning unleashing my inner ninja on the intruder. I approach the door and put my ear to it.

Meg, on the other hand, starts hopping around the kitchen, alternately shaking her hands and wringing them, chanting a mantra of "I’m scared, I’m scared, I'm scared." If she's ever been hysterical, this is it. Trying to keep my cool, I tell her I'm going to go out in the hall, and this sends her to an even higher level. I tell her to get in the bedroom and turn off the light, and, after some weak protests, she does. But she does have the presence of mind to reach in the top drawer of our dresser and grab my ever-trusty collapsible baton (pictured below for those who aren't sure what that is).

I look at her and think, "That's my girl," as I walk over to arm myself. I then tiptoe back to the door. Before I open it, Meg dashes to our kitchen hutch and grabs the biggest knife we have, a brand new, gleaming, razor-sharp Henckel slicer and dicer (a recent Christmas present—thanks, Gary and Pat!) and darts back into the bedroom, where she picks up her cell phone. Seeing her secured away, I extend the baton, take a breath, and open the door.

The hallway light is on when I step out, and it hits me then how strange this situation is. First of all, why would a burglar choose to ring the buzzer first? Secondly, wouldn't we have heard the front door opening and closing if someone had indeed broken in? I allow myself to calm down a bit, and I poke my head back into our apartment. Meg is standing in the bedroom doorway and brandishing her knife in one hand while holding her phone to her head with the other, talking a mile-a-minute. I quickly discern that she's talking to our landlord, and I hear her say something along the lines of, "Somebody was ringing our buzzer and Gabe just went out into the hallway and I'm in the bedroom and I have a knife and I'm really scared!"

I step back into the hallway and look to the bottom of the stairs, where a figure is now standing looking back up at me. Rather than Hannibal Lecter I see my sweet, 80-something-year-old landlady holding a plastic hanger. I have to tell you here that I'm shirtless, wearing only a pair of jeans, and I'm still brandishing my fully-extended baton. If anybody is scared at this point, it's her.

She starts talking about how she heard a noise and it scared her so she rang our buzzer to see if it was coming from our apartment. Meg, who's still on the phone with our landlord, the landlady's son, hears us and joins me at the top of the stairs. She's calming down and, as she gets bits and pieces of what's being said, she relays the conversation to our landlord. Finally, we come to the conclusion that our toilet had been running and the sound of it frightened our landlady, prompting her to ring our buzzer. When everybody has stopped freaking out enough to make our goodbyes and goodnights in a civil manner, Meg and I step into the apartment and shut the door…and promptly burst into uncontrolled fits of hysterical laughter. We eventually make our way back to the bed, where we continue to laugh and laugh and laugh. Meg is shivering violently, shaking as if our bed has been replaced by a mechanical bull, but she's laughing nonetheless.

Alas, I didn't get my chance to live out my fantasy, but I think that's for the better. We still feel completely safe in our neighborhood, and we now realize how utterly terrifying 80-year-old women can be. From now on I think I'll jiggle the toilet handle to make sure everything's in working order before we go to bed, and I might starting sleeping with my baton under my pillow, just in case the sweet woman downstairs decides to ring our buzzer again at 1:00 in the morning.

Funniest thing ever? For Meg and me, I think yes.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Party it up when the husbands not home!

Hmm, Gabe has a basketball game tonight. It doesn't start until 9 so he won't be home till about midnight. Sometimes I love these nights alone (sometimes I hate them too). Tonight you can find me eating spinach dip (that was left out at the super bowl party for a few didn't smell funny:), dried mangos (the MN Rob's introduced these and I am an addict), and some Newmans own lemonade ice tea.

If Gabe was home I would be eating something a bit more sensible...I also wouldn't have spent an hour looking at blogs. I really need to do the dishes now but just don't feel like it. In about 15 minutes I will become annoyed at the fact that my apartment is a mess and blast my new Spring Awakening cd and clean.

After that I will probably check for about 10 minutes....Am I starting to sound like Hugh Grant in "About a Boy"? (see the movie, it's one of our favorites)- or don't bc again, not sure everyone will appreciate it like we did;)

I might call my sister, pace around the apartment for a few more minutes, complain about being so cold and the hallway smelling like smoke thanks to my landlord.

After that, who knows....I hope this didn't make anyone jealous, such a glamorous life I lead.

**Fingers crossed, if all goes like Gabe and I want it to, we could be moving March 1st, for all our NY friends: Whatcha doing on that day? I promise I'll be organized!"
We know it's out of our hands now so we will see what the Lord has in store for us~

Saturday, February 2, 2008


Well I have been trying to blog each week but not too much to report. So I will share a few funny tidbits from the week.

Gabe and I went to see Spring Awakening for our birthdays. It was terrific. It was not really what we were expecting. Our favorite Broadway shows include Les Mis and Miss Saigon, and of course Wicked. But Spring Awakening was very contemporary; its music was written by Duncan Sheik and really broke the mold of traditional Broadway. It was a real coming of age story that took place when things were not spoken about, in fact because the parents felt uncomfortable talking about things- the kids didn't know what was going on with their hormones/bodies. Honestly, it was incredible! I am not going to recommend it to all though, I have learned my lesson after talking up Waitress and Juno, so be warned...many people won't like this, it's just that we did:)

When it went to intermission the high schooler sitting behind us (who was with his whole class and chaperone) asked "Is this even appropriate for a school play", "Did they even know what this was about" (referring to his school)...Hmm to answer his questions, Nope, not appropriate for a high schooler~
If you want to look it up:

Another funny quote I heard this past week.... I worked at one of my United Cerebral Palsy dances last night and this really sweet girl came over to me and said "to think I have two boys fighting over me, it must be this new lotion I am wearing"...I told her it was because she was so beautiful though!

Today Gabe and I looked at two apartments, and one was amazing (the other was great but just to small), we are really thinking of putting an application in on the one. We will send it in Monday, so say some prayers! I get all anxious and strange before we make a big change, so I don't want to be a ball of nerves the next few days. We know what is meant to be will be!

Best Friend....

Alanis Morissette is my new best friend....Gabe downloaded her best of c.d onto my ipod, and lets just say it's amazing. Simple Together and So Unsexy may just have changed my life! And for that Alanis, I love you!