Sunday, April 25, 2010

Spring Time

As things start to look up a bit in the Robinson household Gabe and I have gotten out a little more. We have started grilling out back and just enjoying all that Spring has to offer!

We are starting to work on little projects around the house- last weekend was hanging curtains. We have been in this apartment for over 2 years but have failed to put up our curtains. So Sunday we put up our white curtains in the bedroom. 15 minutes later the radiators all started to leak...and drip...through the ceiling...into our apartment...onto our nicely hung curtains. That is what we get for hanging those darn things! A few ceiling tiles (think 3rd grade classroom drop ceiling) all have a really nice yellow/orange stain on them. Add that to the to do list!

Other things on the list are: hang pictures that have been sitting in a corner for two years, get rid of old computer, get rid of old printer that we were to lazy to plug in, clear some space on our bookshelves, etc. All pretty basic but we say one or two things a weekend- I mean come on, it took us 2 years to get this far!

Work has been keeping us both very busy but next week we are taking a much needed vacation. I wanted to go to Puerto Rico but the NC mountains won out- don't ask!We have a wedding in Chapel Hill on Saturday and then head to Blowing Rock. We can't wait to have some down time just the two of us.
We are a little worried about this one:

But a friend will be spending the week at our place and we just hope Dakota is on her best behavior. Gabe flies back to NY on Thursday and I will be staying in NC for my best friends bridal shower!! So looking forward to our getaway.

Here are a few Spring photos on our block~ I was trying to get artistic!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Bump Grows

Here is a picture of the growing bump. Although so far I really hate pregnancy (just bc it's kicked my butt) I do love the growing bump. I have always thought pregnant women were just amazing...and so I feel pretty blessed to have a belly filled with baby goodness.
3 1/2 months

4 months

Things are going well. We saw the heart beat this past week (stubborn kid wouldn't let us hear it so we had to get a sonogram to see it)but the midwife wasn't worried at all. Then Friday night we had some amazing homemade soup that a girlfriend from church gave us (such a TREAT!!)and watched The Hangover. The movie was funny but nothing amazing. The thing that was so great is that I was feeling good and Gabe and I were able to really just enjoy a night together without a bathroom visit (or threat of one). The music in the movie was old school dance music so we also got to bust a few moves- back to the good ole' Robinson ways.

Saturday I went out to breakfast with some girlfriends and then went shopping. I wasn't feeling 100% the whole day but the sun was shining, I was with my girls, and treated myself to a Mister Softee cone on the way home. That night we had a birthday party to go to so we kept pretty busy. Gabe has had to work all weekend so that stunk but he has read his manuscripts at the cemetery and park. Here is hoping to a vomit free week!