Monday, October 31, 2011

I may be the worst mom

Because I totally made my child go to every door to get Gabe and me candy. Did I totally use her cuteness to score candy bars??

We went to some friends for a potluck and then trick or treated in a neighborhood close by. We had such a fun time and Finn loves being with other children. So thankful for the Breedloves (Gabe's college roommate and his family). They have really helped this transition for us and we truly appreciate them sharing their friends, food, and lives with us!

Happy Halloween!

More pics to come after we go trick or treating tonight.
But here are a few pics of my crazy girl.

Trying to get into her wagon herself...she didn't even fuss...ouch!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Just in case you were wondering

What we do all day everyday with our little one here is a little glimpse:
Saying she loves books is an understatement, not really sure why we even have toys.

Apple's ya'll

The family went apple picking a few weeks ago. It was a gorgeous day here in the mountains and we live in the perfect place to find great orchards. It was crazy busy on this particular Saturday and unfortunately bc of that we opted out of the hot apple cider donuts which in all honesty was why we chose this particular orchard. We were both bummed about the 30 minute line but I think in the end it was smart (this suburban mom is trying not to gain the freshman 15 back, it's kind of hard bc all I want to do all day is bake and then eat what I've made;).

Here are a few pics of the day. We didn't get a pic of this but I thought you would appreciate knowing that within the first 3 minutes of strolling the orchard I fell. On my face. It hurt. I tripped on an apple bc I am cool like that. Gabe wouldn't let me hold the baby for the rest of the day.

Our day adventure ended with a little picnic...Finnegan is getting so big and ate her pb and j with her daddio.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Let's hit rewind

Life has been super busy at times and then extremely slow at times....during those slow times I sometimes struggle to get motivated (call it a bit of sadness due to the transition period)so let me share some old pics from a few weeks ago.

We headed to Hilton Head Island a few weekends ago bc my folks offered their Disney time share to us and HH is one of my all time favorite vacation spots. It's truly one of the most relaxing places in the world. Katie and her boyfriend joined us so it was a fun little family get-away and Finn Marie's first visit to the ocean.

This little girl had no fear and loved being in the water. Also all she wants to do all day long is walk...

This girl has an attitude like her father (you guys know it's true!) and a love for desserts like her momma (waiting for ice cream!)

The next weekend I snuck away with my college roomates and headed to our old stomping ground (UNCG!). We had such a perfect low key weekend together. We left our babes at home and ate and talked, and ate some until our hearts were content (and I felt sick! jk, sort of)
We went to one of our fav places for lunch bc of we wanted their giant cookie dessert- only to find it missing from the menu. We smiled really big and the waiter made it happen! Giddiup my friends I NEVER pass on a chocolate chip cookie.never

Finn gave me the ole'stink face when I got home;)

Apple picking post to come...soon...promise.