Friday, May 30, 2008

Our girl....

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


I remember when Alli (my little sister) was a little tot and we would put her in the car and say- Safety first! I think it fair to say that we all want to feel safe in our surrondings. When we moved here we thought it might be an issue but honestly we feel complety safe here in NYC.

We just moved to a new block a few months back- we LOVE the apartment but I really am not too keen on the actual street. We are right next to a construction site and have some obnoxious neighbors next door. But we must forge ahead..

Yesterday after an amazing picnic with friends, Dakota and I popped in a movie to relax to while Gabe headed out to see a friend from Carolina....

It was short lived....

A huge beam fell from the top floor of the construction site and crashed through one of our front windows. Not exactly the relaxing time Dakota and I were hoping for. She reacted first, and I think it scared the poop out of her, literally. There were these little brown spots on the carpet afterwards that I couldn't explain any other way.

Here is our window-

See where the pillows and blanket are? That is where D and I were laying...

See that metal piece leaning...that fell Saturday and I kiddingly said watch that fall on me...HA!!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Sit....Sit, Sit....

Or do a hand stand....
Gabe trying to teach Dakota new and fun things, most dog owners start with sit, come, fetch...we decided to skip ahead!

A movie must!

Please go out and rent The Diving Bell and the Butterfly....
You won't regret it! Gabe and I loved every single thing about this film!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Street Fair

This past Sunday was the 5th Avenue Street fair here in Park Slope...our church had a booth so Gabe and I worked the morning shift. We handed out reusable grocery bags, balloons, put temporary tattoos on kids, and generally harassed all folks with cute babies or dogs...Unfortunately Dakota would NOT have been good if we would have brought her. This whole city life has taken her a while for her to get used too!

We'll try a few more walks this weekend and see how that goes~ We both have half day Fridays all summer long (it's a nyc thing....) and they have already started and Monday we are off! Couldn't have come sooner!

Klyde and Gabe

Tabitha and I!

The ladies of Church!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Taking walks...

Dakota has finally taken a walk! We have left 7th Street and explored Brooklyn a bit!We had to carry her across 4th Avenue when we left and it took a while to get to the dog run but once there this girl had FUN!!

She ran around with the other dogs and wore herself out...If she stopped for a minute the boy dogs took advantage of her so she honestly had to run and play the whole time (we kept a close watch on her bc all we need is for her to be prego!) She is totally knackered now!

We also bought a harness with hopes to get out and about more- Gabe and I really miss taking walks, so we are pretty excited!
Here are some of our lazy pictures from the day...forgot to take the camera to the park but next time we'll catch her in action!
Notice how she positions her belly- she cracks us up!

Congrats to Amy and Paul!

The ladies at church had a shower for Amy a few weeks ago (see pictures a few posts below)....Amy had the baby on May 2nd ~ Little Henry Paul is one lucky little man, he's got some terrific parents!

Congrats guys!
Here are a few pictures of the wee little boy! He is super cute and mom and dad report that he's a super good baby!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Random photo's of time with Kenny and Jude

Our very dear friends from Scotland just came over to the good ole' US of A to have a relaxing holiday....little did they know we would put them to work- Kenny groomed Dakota daily and Judith did the dishes:) (amongst other things!)

We had a really nice visit and were reminded of how close we got to people during our one year in Aberdeen. We did some fun things while they were here but my favorite times were just cooking, eating and washing up after supper...

We rented a car and drove upstate and spent some time in a little town called Cold Springs, the next day we let Gabe go back to work and we drove to the outlets (also upstate)...The night before we had to return the car we packed Dakota into the car and went to the Promenade to enjoy some great views of the city at night...

Now life is back to the same ole' same ole...trying to catch up on things and just relax. One of these days we'll get things on the walls here. Still love the apartment but not super thrilled with the block- time will tell!

Here are a few photos...

A game of Skip-BO anyone?

Saturday, May 3, 2008

We shouldn't brag....

I take back the last post..

She just peed on the carpet...the joys!
Here are a few pictures from last week in the backyard to make up for the disappointing news:)

The backyard leaves a bit to be desired but as far as NY goes we are pretty thrilled to have access!

Dakota may be the smartest...

Wow! This morning after a bit of running in the apartment Dakota went and sat right by the door- She had to poop AND she TOLD US!
Holy Moly- We are very proud doggie parents:)

Still here...

Well folks,
The dog hasn't done us in yet- but we are so tired and busy that the blog has suffered a bit..Our very good friends from Scotland are in town so we have been busy catching up and showing them a bit of our city. They have explored most days while we are at work and then we rush home to our girl Dakota and make a nice dinner together and relax. It has been a very special time for us!

Tonight we have some god friends coming over to show them what the crazy Americans do to have fun (Cranium and brownies anyone:) think we'll do a bit of running today but all in all it's just nice to see them after moving away more then 2 years ago (it seems like yesterday that we had arrived in Scotland four suitcases in tow, lost and excited!)

Here are a few pictures of Dakota- She is really getting used to the city- She walks out and goes to the restroom in 15 minutes- it used to take 2 hours! One problem- it has been raining and this limits the backyard workouts...She won't leave the block yet, so we have a pudge on our hands. We are cutting her food down, at least until we are able to walk her to the park!

Hope all is well! x

These two are random from the last few weeks...The Breedloves came over the other day so we could all 'play'! They leave NYC this month- so sad!