Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Not much updating going on here around the Robinson blog because it's been a pretty low key month. I have one month till my due date and so we are getting things ready for our girls arrival. We can't come up with a name, although Gabe spends about an hour every night reading names to me. I can't commit. It's a funny thing bc with Finnegan we were so sure and i think because we chose such a non-traditional name for her it is making it harder for me to agree on names. Doesn't really make much sense but we tend to like "different" names and I just don't want them to be too out there. We also really like boy names for girls- but I just don't want to be that family with two sweet little girls with boy names...hard to explain but it is driving my husband CRAZY! Every time I say I think I just need to meet her he gets a bit crazier;)

Finnegan is the most fun 22 month old in the world. She talks non-stop and pretty clearly too! She has an amazing memory and will bring up things that we have done (baking cookies for a friend, or going on the merry go round and riding on the giraffe) at the most random times. If she has been to your house and we come again most likely she'll start asking for specifics before we get to your front door- at Grammy's house it's earrings, watering the plants, and the Corduroy book- at church, it's a sticker, stroller, and all of her friends. I need to get a video of her saying "momma go night night too" or "daddy go bye bye too". She says ______ ____ TOO about everything!! Literally. And the way TOO comes out is drawn out (don't read southern accent, she does not and will not get one of those). She still gets a bit sassy but not as much. She does want to be held lots more but I think she knows that her little world is about to be rocked. She blows kisses on my belly and talks to her sister lots. We have lots of conversations about how momma will be busy with baby so she'll need to play on her own. Not sure how much is sinking in but we'll see soon enough!

A few random pics of the last few weeks.

Thank you Nonni and Poppi for my new dress! She see's the dress and say's your names.

Her new favorite thing is piling on all of her toys in her shopping cart or transferring all of her toys to one spot. It actually keeps her busy for a long time so I let her do it but it makes quite the mess.

4th of July parade

Her 4th of July picnic outfit

Uncle Andy with Carter

Finnegan with baby boy!

Finn at the pool with her buddy Eli.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Family Vacation!

The three of us went to Ocean City Maryland a month ago for a nice little get away with some of our best friends from NY! It was so great to get away and catch up with them- Finnegan was able to show off all of her dance moves and LOVED the ocean. She was fearless and Gabe was in charge of realing her in. he did get a little sidetracked while digging a massive whole (every day!)but I allowed his crazy obsession while us ladies played in the sand. It was such a relaxing trip. Lazy mornings, beach outings, pool outings, putt putt, a boardwalk walk (Finn's 1st time on a merry go round!), ice cream, lots of good meals shared and of course our family feud marathon with Steve Harvey! We miss our friends so much and it was a perfect week together!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Welcome to the family Carter Reece!

On June 13th we welcomed a new family member! To say we were anxiously awaiting his arrival was an understatement. My sister, Katie, had a little boy, Carter Reece and we are all IN LOVE! My sister was a champ and everything went really quickly- I was in the waiting room and got to hear the "welcome chime" and hear the receptionist yell "Katie had the baby!" (she works at the hospital so everyone was waiting!!). They had decided to wait on finding out the gender and so a few minutes later Aaron came out to tell us it was a perfect little boy! (Katie had not so secretly prayed for a boy). I met him before he was an hour old. Finnegan loves babies and I think she thinks Carter is hers. Katie is so great at letting Finn be involved and holding him when he is not eating. She'll be a great big sister to our no named baby girl coming in about 7 weeks. Without further ado my sweet little nephew. So thankful I only live 2 hours away but to be honest I miss him already and wish they lived closer. Congrats Katie and Aaron! The ladies with Carter
Mom, Dad, and baby boy!
Grandma smooches
Uncle Gabe meets Carter!
All Finnegan can say these days is "Baby Boy, Carter, Hold, Eat, Burp, Hold, please please Hold!"
We had a little photo shoot the other day and captured some sweet pictures of momma and son. He is pure perfection! Love that little man.