Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Grace meets Gracie

Our little Gracie girl was named after Gabe's grandmother (on his fathers side), her middle name is Lee which is also my middle name...all that to say her name has some sentimental value.
We were in Charlotte a few weeks ago and Gracie met her great grandmother Grace. They love each other very much- they both told us!

Not bored- I promise

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Two birthday parties for my two year old!

We had two little parties for Finn Marie this year...one with family and the other just a little play date with friends! Finn is at such a fun age and her little personality keeps us laughing- ALL THE TIME! She gets so excited to be around others and then to have all the birthday attention....she was besides herself.
She is a good little girl- a great listener although loves to test us to see what she can get away with. A true first born who loves to please and gets pretty embarrassed when she is reprimanded  The amount of times that her baby dolls go in time out you would think that Finn is always in time out but that isn't the case.

She loves her baby sister and enjoys being a part of things but has FINALLY started really playing with her toys on her own. There were about 6 weeks after Gracie arrived that she would just cry at my feet when I was busy (which is about 95% of the day) but now she realizes that playing alone is so much more fun....(thank you Lord...I think I was starting to go a little crazy;)
Family photo...poor Gracie girl, she does have a beautiful head of hair, huh?

Pure Excitement!!

Uncle Seth has started a love of Batman in this girl...best $1 we ever spent, can you see her face?
She loves her sweets!

Party with friends, thankfully she wasn't embarrassed that momma wore her pajamas! HA , not really  but close enough sorry girls momma will be more stylish when you are older.

Delic Donut holes....why are you bother me? Give me MORE!

Playing alone after the guests have left

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

So big - So fast!

Gracie girl is growing so fast and although I love each new stage I just want it to slow down a bit! This girl is such a perfect addition to our little family, Gabe and I were saying we really don't remember life without her and she is only 8 weeks old.
Here are a few pictures of her...she looks like a doll to me and other times such a little brute.