Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving week

What a fun week we had leading up to the holiday! We were super busy and totally messed up Finnegan's schedule but she might tell you it was all worth it (I on the other hand might not;) JK!)

On Saturday (the 20th) my mom, step-dad, and little sister arrived. We were really low key- pizza and games, early bed times and trips to target...just nice to be with family. My step dad and Alli went upstate on Sunday afternoon and my mom stayed in town for a few days. We had a thanksgiving potluck Sunday night at church- didn't see Finnegan for most of the night bc she was spreading the love around. On Monday Finn had her 2 month shots...this was the real reason my mom stayed...I was pretty sad/nervous about the shots. I didn't think it would affect me this way but I was almost crying when we walked into the room. Finnegan on the other hand was a champ, she cried for less than 2 seconds.
Cuddling with Grandpa

Chilling with Aunt Alli

Tuesday we went into the city for the first time. We dropped mom off at Penn Station and then made our rounds to both offices to show Finn Marie off. When I got off at my stop and walked the block to my office I passed a bodega that I pass every single day when I am working. For three years I have walked this route but never stopped and purchased anything from this particular gentleman. As I walked by with Finn in the ergo he yelled out "O you had the baby! boy or girl, congrats, etc...". That was a true NY moment! What a nice guy! For about 6 months I basically crawled in front of his bodega bc I was so sick, thankfully he never saw me throw up but he may have seen me stop and lean against a shop while getting my bearings/praying/cursing (don't miss those days!!)

Finn and her best pal in the whole world

When we got to the office I just made a few pit stops to introduce the babe. People fell in love instantly- she has that effect on folks. Then we went to Gabe's office. He was one proud daddy showing her off! After a full day of show and tell Finn and I headed home.

On thanksgiving day we went to a good friends for a fantastic meal. Friday we were lazy but had a group over that night- Finn proceeded to have the worst night since she has been born which meant Sat. and Sunday we decided to stick close to home. I went to the grocery store on Saturday and came home with eggs and a cute little Christmas tree. I couldn't help myself. I just thought we NEEDED one even though we have NO space and won't be around for Christmas. I'm pretty glad I bought it too- last night Finn just stared at those lights and even spoke her first words which were "Thanks Momma!" girl huh:)

Watching the Macy's day parade on her first Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Meal

Decorating the tree

Friday, November 26, 2010

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Two months old

Finn Marie is 2 months old today. She really has changed tons and is such a sweet happy baby. She has a nice little schedule down and last night she actually slept a full 8 1/2 hours(she went down at 10ish and got up at 6:15)! We live in 3 hour increments. Wake up- eat, play, sleep....every three hours. After she eats she plays for about 30 minutes and then goes back to sleep. I love that she sleeps so well but man, I just want to play with her:) I'm sure once she has more awake time I'll be wishing for a little more nap time to get things done...enjoying each and every minute of this stage bc it'll pass in the blink of an eye.

Here are some shots of this morning!

Attack of the poochie lip! I had to share these bc's it's rare that this little one fusses. Honestly she cries when she is hungry and tired and then when she looses her pacifier when we put down to sleep (now don't get me wrong she could start looking for it at 1am, 2:30, and 3:00). Such a content little thing.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Best friends meet!

This past weekend Finnegan and I hitched a ride with some friends to DC.Finn is now 2 months and this is the first time she was in a car and she did a fantastic job! This was just the first of many mommy/daughter weekends!

Sara, Kelli, and I lived together throughout college and have remained the best of can read about them in previous posts but if you recall we have all had baby girls within 4 months of each other! Finnegan was beside herself when I told her they would finally meet. We were really low key and actually didn't leave the house besides a nice long walk in the neighborhood. It couldn't have been any more perfect! (well a little more sleep would have been nice;)

Here are WAY too many pictures of our babies. I just couldn't choose bc these three happen to be the cutest, most beautiful, little girls in the world! (it's okay to brag- right??)

Finn with Emily Carter- Emily is 15 days older than our girl. Unfortunately Kelli had out of town company this weekend so she could only spend Saturday with us but we loved every minute!!

Finnegan with Cate Corder- Cate is 4 1/2 months old

Best friends and future college roommates! As different as our pregnancy's these babies all have distinct personalities...I'll let the pictures do most of the talking. **no baby was harmed in the taking of these shots.

This one is my favorite!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

1st Halloween and such

Gabe and I are doing really well considering the lack of sleep, amount of poop, and constant feedings- I think it helps that we are head over heels for our girl!
The last 6 weeks have been a whirlwind....

My mom was here for a week, then Gabes folks were here, now Aunt Katie is in town. Everyone is taking good care of us. The moms made us meals that we are still enjoying and folks from church have also brought us food- Food may be the best gift! It has been so nice not to have to think about what we are eating!

Finnegan and I venture out every day. Sometimes it's just to the grocery store (I even bring the dog bc lets not forget how spoiled that one is) but other days we go to the park with friends, long walks so that Finn gets a good nap, and we even hung out at the Sprint store for a few hours bc Dakota ate my phone (again!)...

We have gone to bigger events too- Clothing exchanges ( I don't think I saw Finn for the 2 + hours I was there), halloween parties (she slept the whole time), parades (umm slept again!). Yesterday Katie watched her so I could go to the doctors- it felt pretty nice to be able to run a few errands and not have to worry about her.

Finnegan was Cyndi Lauper for our Halloween party. She didn't love the costume as you can see.

Then on Halloween she was our little pea pod. Cute and cozy.

She changes every day. She is very alert and will follow your voice and toys with her eyes. She smiles lots! Her cry is a' changin' too- I'll miss the teeny whimper bc screams aren't as cute. She takes a bottle with no problem and gets one once a day. Gabe really enjoys being able to feed her. We were going to go see a movie this week while we had Katie here but the bed bug thing in NYC is a bit scary so not sure what we will do.

A funny little side note: the other night while I ate my dinner in under 30 seconds, Gabe sat on the couch bouncing his bowl of soup...yes bouncing. I guess that can give you a little insight into our lives as new parents. He didn't even realize what he was doing but we are in a constant state of BOUNCE around here.

My two favorite girls....