Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Robinson clan grows....

Meggers is Preggers!

Gabe and I are expecting our first bambino in September. We couldn't be happier, we feel very blessed with this little miracle and can't wait to meet him or her.

The last two months (seeing that the first month you don't even know you are preggo) have been the hardest two months I have ever gone through. Unfortunately, I am not one of those lovely glowing pregnant women, but more like a disgusting (acne) very sick pregnant momma. It has been HARD not only on me but the Gabester too. He has passed his first fathering test with flying colors. He not only comforts me the 3 times a day I get sick (meaning he is in the bathroom with me rubbing my back) but has done 100% around the house (cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping, dog walking). I am so thankful for him and couldn't have gotten through the first trimester without him.

Things are starting to look up as I enter my 15th week. I still feel pretty sick but I am able to keep more food down. Our mothers plus my sister came this past weekend to take care of us and totally spoiled us. Made us meals, cleaned, organized the babies room (or closet- whatever!). I was pretty proud of them- they made it to Ikea and back with tons of large Tupperware containers and then proceeded to sort our junk!

This baby already has lots of people who are loving on it and praying for it! We thank God for this gift of life, as I start to feel better it hits me more each day. Jesus has been carrying me through this pregnancy and has definitely been my stronghold! I really think Gabe would do a better job carrying the babe but feel honored that I was chosen to carry and be this baby's mother.

Some of the sweetest time Gabe and I have together is right before I go to bed....I tend to feel the worst this time of day and so Gabe will actually stick with me from brushing my teeth to laying down and falling asleep (I am beyond pitiful- we aren't used to high maintenance around here but for the time being I am guilty). I also will have minor panic attacks when laying down- probably due to many things but also very bad experiences with food coming right up as I lay down- but Gabe is beside me the whole time. He will read a kids book and then sing me a song...and I really do feel calmer! What an amazing husband.

I'll be the obnoxious woman who posts belly shots- don't worry. We will find out the gender and will share, we will probably have a name picked out and will share that too. I'll probably share gross stories that only some people will hope this pregnancy doesn't scare you away!!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

6 Year Anni!

Yesterday was our 6th wedding anniversary! Time has flown by, and continues to do so...I can't believe 6 years ago Gabe and I said our vows in the rustic little church in Tanglewood Park. I knew that life would never be the same after that day, and it hasn't! Marriage has been such a sweet gift, and although not always easy, Gabe and I kind of fit together like puzzle pieces.

I wasn't feeling that well yesterday so we took it VERY easy...but we did get out to enjoy some of the sunshine here in Brooklyn. We took a nice leisurely walk to Beirkraft and bought ourselves some ice-cream sandwiches. We found a bench outside and talked about the last 6 years as I has ice cream running down my wrists (don't think Gabe did bc he is the clean one in the fam).

Can't wait to see what the next 6 have in store...Thankful to have Gabriel at my side through this journey!