Thursday, August 21, 2008

Weekend away

So this past weekend Gabe and I rented a car and packed up the pup and away we went. We went about 2 1/2 hours upstate and spent the weekend at Gabe's bosses weekend home. He had offered it a few times and we have always declined but this summer we took him up on it!

The house is in Spencertown/Chatum NY- basically a cluster of little towns amongst the rolling hills. The house was amazing and all we really wanted to do was sip on some coffee and read! It was pretty close to that-
We went out for a nice dinner that first night. We spent lots of time chasing Dakota around the large property- she was in her glory, I think on this trip she was cursing us for making her a city dog. Saturday Gabe made some breakfast and coffee and let me sleep in...We spent the day relaxing and went into the little town of Hudson and strolled along the main street. Rushed home, dropped Dakota off and went to see my friend in a musical 20 minutes away. It was called "Forever Plaid", super fun show and Wade did an amazing job!

When we got home we grilled out and made smores for dessert. Gabe was super thankful that they had a tv bc we had the Olympics on that evening. Side note: The last summer Olympics Gabe and I were poor and staying in a B and B in Scotland. The Olympics kept us sane! We could only afford a meal a day- so thankfully the b and b provided breakfast, we would then eat a big meal out at 3 and around 7 we would eat the crackers in the room. So it's a bit nostalgic for us!

Sunday morning some more time with our coffee mugs and rocking chairs. We went out for bagels and then chased some signs for the "Sculptures". We had seen some funky heads on the thru way and thought this might be was and what a cool thing. This guy has spent the last 40 years making these amazing, large, kooky sculptures.

So enjoy the photos....Enough said now, remind me about the drama of the weekend at another time- it involves D ruining Gabe's bosses rug and me breaking a wine glass:)

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Just a taste...

Home again, Home again....
Gabe, the girl, and I had such a nice relaxing weekend, won't share many details now- but here is a little glimpse into what we did~

A little running:

A little cuddling:

And lots of good eating! Here is Gabe seasoning the steaks to perfection~

We'll share some more pictures soon~

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

This is where we'll be this weekend...

We are so excited!!!
We are planning on doing absolutely nothing~

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Summer Barb-E-Cue's

We had some friends over last night to celebrate Crystals birthday! It was a really relaxed night with tons of great food!
Here are a few pic's of the gang!

The one super cute Henry Paul!

We made Henry perform...he was a good sport about it:)

Some strange dog....

Broke into our kitchen and started eating out of Dakota's bowls....

Ms. D went to the groomers yesterday and this is how she returned to us- Where is my fur ball?

So sad! She isn't complaining- She is extremly soft too- almost like a fleece blanket- I can't wait for it to grow back though. You can tell she's lots lighter too...

Going to the park....

One of our favorite things to do nowadays is take Dakota to the park. We stared going a few blocks away to the dog park and have now made it all the way to Prospect. Gabe and I used to go to the park just to look at dogs and now- we get to bring our own!

Here are a few pics of Dakota in 'Heaven' - She LOVES it!!