Monday, April 9, 2012

Baby girl number two~ O dear!

At Christmas we had this announcement for our family-

This was how I told Gabe! I had to keep it a secret from him over night and lets just say it wasn't easy! When he took the dog out the next morning I planted these three pregnancy tests on the tree and kept saying silly things like "Finn show daddy all the pretty ornaments"...he finally got the hint and although this was the best news for us he was very shocked. ps if you are grossed out that I peed on these sticks and then put them on the tree I hope you still love me...don't you know I am not phased by things like that at all???

At Easter we were able to share the great news that baby number two is a perfectly healthy little GIRL!! I had thought she was- and I also really wanted Finn to have a sister so close in age...while we were getting the sonogram though we really did see their teen years flash by but Gabe'll get a gun and I'll just lock them in their room until college (not just bc of boys but bc of the sassy attitudes:)
These easter eggs were filled with pink jelly beans and Finnegan handed them out. They all opened them at the same time...and wala! PINK PINK PINK!