Sunday, December 30, 2007

Student Loans Paid OFF!!

Just had to share our good news!
Gabe and I have paid off our student loans...If you have seen us the last two years no doubt you have heard us say " Sorry we can't, student loans"....our friends here will tell you that we have livied pretty frugaly the last few years to get these out of the way!
It feels pretty good...
You may ask what we will be spending our money on now...The list is a bit to long though, JK, we need to put away some savings and fingers crossed we will be getting a dog this year! That depends on many things and we most likely will need to move in order to make it happen...Will keep you posted...
For those that have been praying for us THANKS!! and for those friends who have just come to our place to hang out instead of going out and spending money, THANKS for being patient!!

Christmas Glimpses....

What a fun Christmas season this has been! December was a whirlwind of things and we are a little shocked that 2008 is on our doorstep. We had some out of town company at the beginning of the month and then it seemed like one thing led to another and we found ourselves in MN to see family. Gabe's brother and sister-in-law (along with their three children) live in Rochester so we met Gabe's folks there this year. It was a really wonderful trip...
Some highlights...
1. Obviously seeing everyone...bc we are all spread out it seems we only get together once a year (if we are lucky!)
2. Playing with the kiddo's! Kate is 7, Quinn 4, and Paige 1 1/2...seeing Christmas through their eyes was almost magical.
3. Seeing Gabe round house kick a piece of ice...hmm, okay I didn't see it but I saw him hopping afterwards (Seth witnessed it, and I guess it wasn't so pretty). Gabe meant to kick the ice with his foot but guess he kicked it with his shin...a large bump and black and blue mark proved that it didn't' feel to nice!
4. Ice Skating with the ladies Friday night. Donia, Kate and I had a girls night! Kate was so fun to watch, she did a terrific job and was a such a champ when she fell! Donia and I were able to skate behind and catch up!
5.Cuddly-woosky...don't be scared, I tend to make up words for just Gabe and I and this came out...the kids kept saying "Aunt Meg lets cuddly cute!! We would just cuddle on the couch while the boys played Wii
6. Wii- Gabe and I do not have one but the MN Rob's are professionals and taught us all their tricks. Gabe's favorite game was some crazy monkey ball game, and mine was the shooting at targets game.
7.Hearing Kate and Donia play the piano at church
8.Eating, there was lots of food and desserts...Donia is an amazing cook and we gained a good 10 pounds each!
9. Singing around the piano. Seth and Donia played Christmas carols and we sang along...I LOVE stuff like this! It was really a highlight for me!
10. Just all being together! Sue and Dave arrived on Sunday and we really just hung around the house and enjoyed being around each other!
Those weren't in order but just wanted to give you a little glimpse into a Robinson Christmas!
Here are a few pics to go along with them...
Donia and Kate

Christmas Morning!

Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas!

IT has been a while since we posted but the holidays seem to bring with it a little bit of craziness! Gabe and I are in Rochester MN to celebrate Christmas with the Robinson's! We are enjoying time with the kiddo's, yummy Christmas cookies, and catching up with the adults. We will post pictures once we are home.

Hope you are all having a very joyous holiday!

Monday, December 3, 2007

I'm going to bed....

Yes, it's only 9:09 on the dot and I am knackered! I am shocked I made it this long...
I thought I would post a quick one before I hit the bed, and hopefully Gabe will be back from his b-ball game by then!
So today I was actually looking forward to going into work, I knew I would be able to sit at my desk for hours and just much running around this weekend, when work becomes relaxing we've got problems.

Friday night I babysat for someone that got my name off of Jen's mommy and me groups in LA. It was a really good night. I sat with a 10 month old in the most beautiful apartment overlooking central park. The little girl was so good and I enjoyed being with a little one. What I didn't enjoy was the hour and a half it took me to get back to Brooklyn at 1 in the morning. Note to self, next job will require transportation expenses. I could have easily taken a car home but it would have cost me what I just made~ babysitting in NYC isn't as easy as babysitting in the suburbs with a car.

We woke up Sat. morning and went right out. We were looking at an apt. in the cool part of the neighborhood. It was a bit more money but it was dog friendly (Gabe and I are aiming at getting one by our 4th wedding anniversary in March). It was also in a Brownstone and right across the street from one of our closest friends....BUT the apt. was smaller then where we are now. We had gone for bagels before we met the broker and then she was late so we stopped for coffee closer to the place. Afterwards we met our friend and got muffins and more coffee....I was on a sugar high and Gabe was just about right!
We then ran home, showered, and left to meet our friend in the city....We were really dumb and thought it would be a good idea to go see the Christmas windows and all the lights...Ya' seen that we all work in the city and pass Rockefeller daily not sure why we threw ourselves into the throngs of mad tourists... We left pretty quickly not before we ran into Bergdorfs so I could use the restroom (what a crazy store- do people actually spend $300 on a tie?)

Bethany and I in front of Bloomingdales

Gabe and Bethany in Dylans candy shop!

We went to our churches coffee shop bc a few bands were performing, it was pretty chill and we had a good time but Luigi's (PIZZA) called so we headed home...Bethany still in tow (what a trooper, coming from Queens- the land of tree-less-ness). J joined us and we just talked and by 11:30 he house was empty and we were in guys keeping track of this girls bed times...I know I am almost 26 but by Sunday morning I was a walking zombie, and life didn't slow down.
It snowed during the night so we were all excited but unfortunately did not have time to play in it! We ran to church and then afterwards Gabe went to the laundry mat and I went to the grocery store...hmmm, walking home 20 blocks in the snow with my granny cart- that was a sight and at one point I needed to ask a stranger to give me a push bc I couldn't get up the little incline after crossing the street;)
We unloaded the groceries, folded the clothes, laid down for 30 minutes, woke up and ran back out the door!
We were off to the Golden Compass premiere...but that will have to be next posting...this girl's head is getting heavy!