Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Showered with LOVE

July has been a fun and exhausting month. I have wanted to share pictures of Finnegan's TWO parties for a while now but never seem to find my way to the computer...Enough excuses. Our friends and family sure know how to make us feel loved. It was so overwhelming having people come out and love on us and shower us with more baby goodies then this gal knows what to do with!

On July 10th our mom's threw us a shower! They flew me to NC and spoiled me right and left. What a fantastic trip. It was SHORT, like less than 48 hours, and a bit tiring on these ole' bones (or shall I say weighted down bones)but so incredibly worth it. I don't have all the pics from the shower yet but here is a little snap shot.
What a cute cake! They matched the plates perfectly...we had about 10 desserts to choose from, as this was a "Dessert shower" (read this pregnant womens dream)

A baby buggy watermelon! So fun.

The first of Aunt Katie's 25 gifts for out sweet little girl.

This is Finnegan's baby quilt- made with love by one of my best friend Susan. It was a total surprise and I love everything about it! Susan is getting married this Saturday and I do not know where she found the time to make this...but we sure are glad!

What a fun shower! We took pictures of all those that attended but don't have them yet. I got home on Sunday and slept, had a CRAZY week at work, ended up in the hosptial with an IV drip bc I was dehydrated, and then at another party for my girl the next Saturday!! What a whirlwind.

My best'ees in NY threw Finn a shower too. Finnegan was all dancing for joy and so excited as soon as she walked into the party. She especially loved hanging out at the food table! Again what overwhelming love we felt from our friends. We played some fun games- one in which they had to guess how round my belly was by cutting a string- Crystal was spot on! She couldn't' win the prize though bc she was one of the hosts;)

Yes a friend made this amazing sweater- and yes we all wanted her to make us matching ones!

This is a NY mom must have! An ergo:) Can't wait to have my girl in it.

Some of my peeps...I need to get a pic of the hosts to share too!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Growing Belly

I have had Gabe take a few pics of me and Finn so I can share the bump'ster with the family and friends that don't live around here. (OK basically this is for my mom and sisters-not sure anyone else cares;)

Not the most flattering shots but you get the idea. Fun updates soon, but it's 9:30 and I am falling asleep as I type. I am currently 29 weeks, ideally I make it to 40, so you do the math. Pretty soon Gabe and I will be say we are excited to meet Finnegan is an understatement, this girl is already very loved.