Thursday, June 23, 2011

Random photo's of my girl

**keep on going down to see an obnoxiously long post with many pics

I am in trouble...

I have gotten yelled at by every family member and my without further ado, a post that ended up being a bit longer than expected.

We were in NC for my little sisters graduation and we had all 5 siblings together. We have not all been together, in one place, for 4 years! It was a great time to just catch up and introduce the newest family members.

We flew in a night early in order to see the Robinson grandparents- it was too short but we were thankful to be able to spend some good down time with them before the craziness began. Finn has been a bit funny with separation anxiety but she didn't fuss at all with grammy and pappa! She's in love!

Finn in grammy's garden

See that cutie with the popped collar? That is Gabe, we were trying to get a good pic of Finn next to this pic bc we think she really looks like him (minus the blond hair and blue eye's) She made this silly face and we couldn't' stop laughing!

Who is this cutie you ask? It's the newest member of the Miano clan- Hannah Bea!! Words can't describe....she had me at hello!! Matt, Carrie and Hannah surprised us by flying in from CO for Alli's graduation. So fun.

Matt and his daughter

Andrew loving on his neices, not the best pic of him but he loves getting his cuddles from these girls.

Aunt Katie with her Finn Marie (Kat's the baby whisper'er)

Is this the best or what? Oliver loves his cousins and he is such a big helper. He sat through graduation without a peep! Such a great kid.

The actual graduation! Didn't take a great pic- but you get the idea. We are all so proud of Alli who will attend Queens College in the fall!

The whole clan minus the little girls. Grammy watched the babes!

We spent all day Saturday on the boat. A great way to celebrate Alli's achievement!

Gabe and Oliver chilling!

I just downloaded these professional photos from facebook...hope it works!