Thursday, April 30, 2009

Beach weekend

Gabe and I took the gambling bus to Atlantic City two weekends ago....we got to watch the movie Getting Even with Dad (so GOOD- I didn't even need the sound to know what was happening:) and hang out with some grandparents getting stoked about playing the slots!

Our friends picked us up and took us to their family beach home in Ocean City~ we had such an amazing time being active and being outdoors! We also enjoyed getting to know this couple better!

Here are some pictures of the weekend- from them you can tell what we were up to! Kite flying, bike riding, kayaking, boardwalking fun!

Dakota stayed with some of our friends back in Brooklyn. They were such troopers as she didn't want to go outside or sit for to long at once. When we got home she pooped out here and didn't get up for a while!

Friday, April 24, 2009


I went to the Tribeca film festival tonight to see Don McKay. My friend at work had gotten tickets and instead of helping Gabe with the groceries tonight I went to see the movie starring Thomas Hayden Church. was really --- words are failing me---lets go with different. I won't give anything away here but Thomas's character goes to spend some time with his ex girlfriend during her final days. As soon as he arrives- you know things aren't adding up. It's a funny movie but at some times it seems like it border lines goofy. Looking forward to my friends seeing it so we can chat!

On another note- Bring your Child to Work Day was a great success yesterday. I headed it up with another employee and although we had limited space I think the kids had a fun time. I am glad it's over bc this past week I was working long hours and I am pooped!!

Looking forward to the sunshine NYC!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Where my girls at....

If you can finish this song lyric we were meant to be friends!
Gabe, D, and I packed up the rental car and headed to Maryland to see my college roomates and their husbands this past weekend. Trouble ensue's when the three of us girls get together...a good kind of trouble though. We haven't all been together in years so much time was spent catching up, hugging, praying together, eating....and of course a little DC action as well.

Kelli and Joel just bought a home and so we camped there for two nights. I was the lucky one who discovered a plumbing problem in the guest bathroom (one that prevented Joel from joining us in DC)....made me thankful that we had a landlord (that lasted about 5 minutes bc I would love to have my own place-one that I could paint without having to ask permission). Kelli and I also went through her whole worries we didn't make the men offer any advice. I was told I should be honest so there were times that all you heard was "Kelli, NO- give it to me"...and in the goodwill pile it went.

Micah and Sara came to spend the day with us Saturday. It was pretty gross out that morning but in the afternoon the sun was shining and we headed into the city. We went to one museum (forgive me I forget the name) which was OK- it was very crowded and I enjoy being OUTside! We went to the outdoor "art" corner (obviously forgot that name too) and posed with some of the sculptures. I'll share some of those here....
I really thank God that He gave me these amazing friends who I am able to share life with even when not in the same city.

On the way home we made a pit stop in Philly to pick up Crystal and made the last leg of the trip really fun! And Dakota sure got spoiled

Gabe here. How cool (immature) am I?

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Sorry, this post is long winded and doesn't make to much sense

Took half days tomorrow so we could skip out of this crazy town! Gabe, D, and I head to MD to spend some time with my college roommates and their husbands. It'll surely be a quick weekend but I can't wait to see them. Nothing like catching up with old friends. We all lead such different lives but remain a really big part of each others...I will be sure to take lots of pictures.

Another thing I am excited about is the actual drive. Driving is one thing I really miss. We brought a car here when we moved but 4 months later realized what a waste of money and time it was for us.

Gabe and I just spent a few minutes carefully selecting the music that we would listen too...a little side note, I think there are some pretty big differences about Gabe and I (many stem from the way we grew up). As I selected my c.d's he explained how he did it.I listened for about 15 seconds, said "I don't get it" and just did it my own way (I tried to explain here but we just agreed it was getting to wordy so took it out;) He thinks he's making life easier (long run yes) but I can't really be bothered;) Another thing, I made some cookies tonight to bring with us and I couldn't really be bothered scooping the flour and sugar out of there big canisters so I just dumped the sugar into the measuring cup....a little mess- yes, but so much faster! Gabe's argument- understandable- is the mess I make needs to be cleaned and therefore really takes more time (and he just shouted from the couch AND IT'S WASTEFUL)....sure, I got it! So a little insight into this marriage:) Good news, neither of us cares enough to really "argue" so we just end up laughing!

Here we are chilling the last few nights~ Looking pretty rough...from this angle it looks like I broke my nose...

Monday, April 6, 2009

I'm a Tar Heel born...

I'm a Tar Heel bred
And when I die
I'm a Tar Heel dead!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Tar Heels!

Ahh ya' going to the championship on Monday~
(can't wait for them to win so I can have my husband back!)