Friday, August 21, 2009

Our dog is famous....

Our friend Amy named Dakota "cute dog of the Month" on her blog go check it out! Amy has "cute baby of the year" so check him out too:)

Also take a few minutes to read Amy's blog- great recipes and tips on eating healthy....

We have family in town so stay tuned for some pictures...until then
This is where I found the family the other morning while I was getting ready. Someone is spoiled!!

Gabe and I went to the local diner for breakfast a few Saturday's ago- the only restaraunt in Brooklyn open at 7 am!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Oldies and Goodies!

This past weekend I took the bus to DC to meet up with my college roomates. Kelli lives in MD and Sara VA and we had decided to spend the weekend at Sara's beautiful home in VA for the weekend. I hate being so far away from my bestest girls (nothing like time together doing nothing)!

The bus ride is not fun, I may be getting to old for the ole' Greyhound.I kept wishing I had a car, but alas, it was a cheap and somewhat easy way to get there. You do have to stand in a massive line in Port Authority and the seats are first come first serve so you are hoping the whole time that you get a seat in the front. And I totally scored! Good seat, good seat mate, and some good tunes on the ipod!

I always start getting antsy when I get closer and was anxious to meet Kelli at the subway station. We were going to take the Metro (we should totally refer to our trains as Metro's sounds cooler to me:)towards Sara's house and she was going to pick us up from there. Well wouldn't you know Sara called to say that Kelli had just called and was super sick so wasn't going to be able to make it Friday night. POOP, that totally stunk and Kels was really sick (flu, of the swine nature). Sara gave me the directions from the bus to the metro and then what lines I needed to take- phew! I did wish my best map was with me (his name is Gabe).

Finally met up with Sara and we had some good food at TGIF- I told her I was craving chain food and the place she wanted to take me had a really long wait;) Then we went back to her house. We ended up sitting on the bed for hours just talking. At 11:30 we decided to go outside and make s'mores- by 1- we were ready for bed!!

My sweet Sara then wanted to start our Saturday off with a dance/aerobics class. It's called Kukuwa and it's a form of African dance, latin dance and Caribbean dance. Sara is a dancer and the size of my pinky...I am out of shape and can't shake my hips to save the world. (do you guys notice a trend though- every time I am out of town people want me to run or workout- God is trying to tell me something!) I was excited about the class bc I thought Kelli and I could stand at the back and just kind of laugh at ourselves. But Kels wasn't there and so I let the workout kick my butt- It was so much fun and such a terrific workout. The thing is that the routines for each song are a bit tricky, I surprised myself with picking those up fairly easily- the bad thing was that it was supposed to 'look' a certain way and I looked like a big heavy footed elephant...I didn't let it stop me though.

After the fall!

Then the rest of Saturday we did things like- target, drank milkshakes at a cool little deli, furniture store (Sara, and her sister in law Courtney, were so good to me and helped me pick out fabric for our NEW couch!!!), grocery store- I LOVE the simplicity that cars and shopping centers offer. Then Sara made us dinner and dessert (AMAZING- pizza on the outdoor grill) and we capped the night sitting on the couch talking again till the wee hours of the night. The weekend was perfect although we both missed Kelli terribly.

Sometimes I just need weekends with my girls! I truly felt like I was on vacation. The bed was so cozy with the softest sheets (I am such a sucker), Sara wouldn't let me help cook at all, great food with great girls!