Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Cousin Lovin'

We were in Colorado a few weeks ago and the newest family members got to meet Nonni and Poppi and
the cousins were able to get lots of play time in!
This was Gracie girl before we left. Her personality is starting to come out  and we think she is the cutest!

My girls first flight together! Finn was my big helper

Carter's first time on an airplane! Flying with three kids  really worked out well and I don't think any of the other passengers were to upset with us. 

Pure perfection!!

These two were having so much fun- loved all the belly laughing

They didn't love this but it wasn't really that bad for them!

Carter had the right idea! He was in a sea of brown eyed little girls!

Gracie had her first few bites of solids...and was a champ.

Finnegan's famous swagger.