Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Gotta love the weekends away!

Gabe and I went to PA this weekend with our good friends Bryan and Crystal. Bryan's folks live in the country and they spoiled us all weekend. It was such a great time to get away with friends and be in the great outdoors.

On Saturday we went hiking at Ricketts Glen- the weather was so amazing~ Man I love FALL! We had a campfire that night with s'mores, looked at the stars (you can actually see more than the 10 we see in the city:), saw a UFO- seriously- what the heck was that, guys? Jumped on some hay bales with Bryan's nephews....Gabe took me around on the ATV but for some strange reason we always stalled coming back up the driveway- and guess who had to walk?

And then the highlight....ATE, ATE and ATE some more! WOW, Mr. Langdon is quite the chef. I am talking breakfast, lunch, and dinner- amazing food! Steak, Ribs, Blueberry Pie....my sweet husband thought he had died and gone to heaven. He started eating the leftover ribs at 11:00 the next morning! I was surprised there were any left seeing as he ate at least 2 racks the night before.

Great memories in PA with our buds! Here are a fun few shots.
This is their yard. We saw deer grazing in the morning!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

US Open

Today Gabe and I were able to go to the Arthur Ashe Stadium to watch the day matches. What a fantastic time! Crystal and Bryan joined us and they were able to share a bit of the background of each of the players and for my non tennis upbringing some of the rules to the game.

I won't write too much about it bc the pictures can do the story telling...We got there at 11 and left at 5- it was truly an experience I won't soon forget!

The entrance and Gabe and I finding our seats...

The whole gang:

Then we saw the Bryan brothers win in the doubles match- they totally did a chest pump after their win- but hey...wouldn't you?

We then saw Kim Clijsters beat out Na Li. She had retired for a few years to have a baby so when they were interviewing they made a big deal of her being a working mom and that the baby just woke up from her nap...it was pretty cute. That baby has one talented mom.

Last, but certainly not least, the big surprise of the day...Andy Murray's loss to Marin Cilij. It was a pretty intense game even though Andy (number 2 in the world) didn't play that well. I think Cilij was fun to watch and he kicked AM's butt. Cilij won the first three sets so that was the match!

Some random shots....We took a walk after-wards bc the stadium is next to the World Fair ground...does this look familiar...Men in Black??

We did some other fun things this weekend- date night at Buttermilk Chanel and picnics in the Park and a full day at the beach yesterday. The only thing is we don't have any pics...and this girl is too tired to use her words. Have a great night!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Robinson Ladies

A few weeks ago the Robinson women got together for some extreme girl fun- Little Paige is only three so she didn't attend that frilly fest but next time;) Kate and Donia flew in from MN and Sue flew in from NC. We had lots planned and didn't get to squeeze it all in but these ladies did a fantastic job- venturing on the subway alone and then walking their socks of in our crazy city. NY really is such a fun city for kids and I am really glad that they made the trek.

We ate at some fun places (Mesa Grill, Alice's Tea Cup), got dessert in a few others (Chelsea Market, Mister Softie), and of course saw some sites. Kate just turned 9 so when I say sites I mean- Fao Shwartz, American Girls store, Dylan's candy bar but to be honest these are all fantastic stops for adults too! Ok to be honest if you don't have a daughter you prob's won't enjoy American Girls but all the other stops I promise! We spent the morning walking around the Statue of Liberty and trekking around Eilis Island. We also ate the biggest bagels Kate has ever seen;) Had a little birthday for Kate and Donia and the highlight, a treat from Sue, was going to see The Lion King- think we were all pretty excited about it and it was terrific- Gabe got to come along for that too!

We ate some good meals at home too and spent the evenings playing games and catching up. It was quite the full house and Dakota sure loved all the attention. Here are some pictures of our lovely weekend!