Wednesday, February 22, 2012

So many updates, too much time....

Sounds like the too much time thing might allow me to actually update the blog but sometimes it actually just creates more laziness. I am still getting this whole "stay at home mom" thing down, so bare with me! I love the mom part so much but all the other stuff that comes along with it takes a bit of getting used to. i realize i was spoiled when Gabe was the stay at home daddy...i didn't really clean, cook, grocery get the picture. He worked so hard that when I wasn't at work all I had to do was love on that girl of ours! I owe that to him now but it isn't as easy as he made it look. Time my love, that's all I need (I hope!).

Haven't taken tons of pics lately but some exciting things...
* I turned 30!! Gabe had friends send in video's and made me a say I loved it was an under statement.I felt SO very loved. Thank you for all who sent video's in. I have had a few requests to download the movie on you tube, but it's almost 2 hours long and I have some goofy friends who have threatened to kill me if i show to many people!
* My dad and step mom were in town so Finn and I spent a few days with them in Charlotte and a few days with them here in Asheville. It was a nice time to catch up and show off our girl although she didn't really show her best side. I'll blame it on teething and a cold.
* I went on a retreat with my bible study ladies. We rented two cabins in the mountains and spent time laughing, eating, and crying. Such a nice time with new friends!
* Lots of grandparents visiting from Charlotte, one weekend we had a babysitter three nights in a row! How much fun...
* Dinner with friends here. The transition hasn't always been smooth for us here but we are really enjoying meeting new people!
* New mini-van!! Crazy that we now own two mini vans...Listen ladies- I am not one to fight change, you gots to roll with the punches- k! Our new mini van is an '05 but I really feel like it's a luxury vehicle (am I going crazy? maybe!)

When I think of my life in August and my life now I feel like someone picked us up and plopped us into a strangers life. Again, not one to fight it, trying to embrace it. We really do feel content here and although so drastically different then the life we lived and loved in Brooklyn...I can honestly say we are happy.

So enough words- here are some pictures!
Finnegan loves helping momma in the kitchen.

Finnegan and Poppi!
Nonni reading to Finn.

Watching Poppi and Nonni make some delicious chicken noodle soup- using my grandmothers recipe!! Delic.

Our van.

My little raga-muffin!

My two favorite people in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD!!!

Remember my blog from a few years ago...all it had was pictures of our pup? If you are wondering how she likes Asheville let this picture do the talking! please don't worry about her, since having Finnegan she is still spoiled rotten.

Finnegan and grammy after church.

Finn at open gym- she loves it!

A little video of her on the trampoline. Not sure who the chubby person is jumping with her saying "good girl" in a high pitched voice.