Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Random shots of the weekend!

I haven't really figured out how to put these in the right order with the words right where I want them so please know most of them are out of order...I am doing this at work so it has to be quick;)
We had such a nice weekend outside of the city! I think Sara and I talked non-stop the whole weekend. I really miss having my roommates close. We spent the morning at the pool and then out and about in their little town....

Sara looks so innocent here, doesn't she? Micah what did she do?
Sara and I in front of a fancy restaurant in Leesburg

Gabe doing a little dance! I didn't teach him those moves, promise!!

Fun with Sara and Micah!

Here is the gang at the wine tasting....This was such a fun experience even though I didn't really care for any of the wine. Between each wine you are supposed to clean your glass with some water and then dump it into a bowl....I was the only one drinking the water...is that okay?

We took the afternoon and drove to a winery for a wine tasting. They had this little cave that you could see where the wine was fermenting (am I making this up??I don't know the terminology). Gabe loves posing for pics...so here he is!

Sara and I being silly....climbing up the cave wall, we just couldn't resist!

Gabe and I posing! Doesn't he look so much better when he smiles:)

Weekend with the Corders!

An afternoon at the Farmers market! Sara and i just couldn't resist....We don't look to bad huh? I made Gabe take two of these bc I was not a big fan of my double chin, the second one put me in a gleam of light and was worse....Gabe was to embarrassed to take any more and Micah was no where to be found (smart guy)!!

The ladies!

Sara- what a cheeky monkey!

FARMERS MARKET!!! We browsed but decided not to buy anything~

Relaxing in the morning! Sara is making banana bread while I empty the dishwasher....memories from college come flooding back- except that usually this was me at 7:30 trying to wake the roommates up bc I was bored;) JK! I was patient until about 10:00.

Friday, July 20, 2007

First week at new job...BLOG SUFFERS

Well here I am at my new office....much busier then before (good news),

I am trying to stay positive here so here are the positives....

1. My desk is so nice...big and right next to two huge windows....

2. The person I am assisting is very nice and bought me colored folders and post-its (I am a sucker for nice office supplies)

3. I am right next to an amazing park (with a dog run and a children's play area)...So on my lunch break I get to hang out there!

4. hmmm, okay think that is it but those go a long way in my book

Everything has been going well but I am busy trying to learn a completely new job (Property management is very different then brokerage). And I am also trying to train someone how to do my old job (minus the insurance...I keep that:)

So here are a few pics of the park, and a really cool building I pass (FlatIron) daily....

I took the pic of the squirrel for G Rob:)

We are off to VA for the weekend to spend some time with Sara and Micah (Sara was my roomie)! Can't wait, will send pics when we get back!

Friday, July 13, 2007

Last day at the MIDTOWN office~

This cake was the BEST!!
Nobody wanted to get in the pic with me:)

Here is the gang!!

So today is my last day at the Midtown office (I am moving to another office within the same company)....Many of the brokers bought me gifts and they even had the most amazing chocolate cake for me. It was so kind and it made me feel very loved and appreciated!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Gray Line should know about this (a post by Gabe)

My folks visited last week. Before they came we had talked about doing an open top bus tour of the city, so on Friday after Meg and I got off work we met up with BB’s mommy and daddy and went in search of ticket sellers.
I was in a pretty foul mood as work that morning had been less than ideal. Even a burger from the Burger Joint didn’t do much towards putting me in better spirits. And it was hotter than a screaming kumquat.
We ended up having to walk a bit farther (or further?—you tell me) than expected, but finally, in the distance, we spotted the proverbial red vests of the ticket peddlers. Upon our approach, two of the red vested vultures swooped down upon our small party and immediately began bickering over who had gotten to us first. Their argument grew so intense that I believe they forgot about us, the paying customers, for 7—possibly 8—seconds. Two members of our party (mother and BB’s mommy) stepped to the side to let the fracas unfold as it would. The vendors did not even notice.
Finally, the remaining four of us yelled that we would just take out business to an idle red vester if they couldn’t sort their differences out in a civilized fashion. This snapped them back to reality, and BB’s daddy went with one (Red Vest #1) while I, Meg, and father huddled up with the other (Red Vest #2).
Red Vest #2 proceeded to pull out the bus tour brochure and spout incoherent musings on the different options, all while furiously scribbling on the pages opened in front us. Hindsight allows me to know that he was trying to describe the various choices, but, at the time, it was not helpful…at all. Especially as he kept glancing at Red Vest #1 and asking, “How many is he buying?” (referring, of course, to BB’s daddy). Despite our efforts to get him to concentrate on the task at hand, we could tell his mind was with Red Vest #1 (and, of course, BB’s daddy).
By this time, father, Meg, and I had pretty much lost any semblance of patience (remember, I had had a bad morning that day). We distracted Red Vest #2 long enough to let him know we wanted 4 tickets, and father pulled out his wallet while #2 rang us up. Father didn’t pull out enough money at first, which he realized, but before he could retrieve the lacking cash, Red Vest #2 began jabbering about how father needed to give him more. It was, as they say, the straw that broke the camel’s back.
Meg and father offered a quick 1-2 invective combo, and I quickly followed up with the KO punch (almost literally, but not quite).
Let me pause here and say that I consider myself a person of moderate to not bad self control. I don’t make it a habit of lashing out at strangers, and I often try to take things in stride no matter how infuriated I am. In this particular instance, especially as I was with Meg and father, I wouldn’t have thought I would have any problems maintaining my temperamental status quo. Sadly (and perhaps funnily) this was not the case.
Fed up with #2’s insolence, I delivered 2-sentence-length lesson on customer service and then, looking him straight in the eye, I calmly said, “I ought to kick your ass.” Let’s just say there was a change in mood.
Red Vest #2 began apologizing, saying how excited he gets. Meg walked away. Father remained silent. #2 offered his hand, expressing his desire to bury the hatchet, and we quickly completed the transaction.
Father and I walked over to Meg, who had just told mother and BB’s mommy about my bizarre behavior. I was still steamed, but the reality of what I had just said was beginning to kick in. We were all kind of standing around expressing our bewilderment at what had just happened when #2 came over and again offered his hand. I shook it—again—and he went on his merry way.
When I look back at this incident, I chuckle. But I also do a mental double take. I told a stranger I ought to kick his ass in front of Meg and father. Who does that??? I guess I do, but I never would have thought I would. Sometimes you witness or experience something that really chaps your hide, and you get angry, right?
If I ever see Red Vest #2, I’ll probably offer some sort of apology, although I’m sure he’ll have no idea who I am. You never know, though. Perhaps I’ll be walking to the train from work one day and in one of those serendipitous moments that only happens in movies, I’ll spot #2 from across the street, our eyes will meet, and we’ll run across the crosswalk, stopping traffic, to embrace and shed tears of remorse at the rudeness we displayed in our first encounter. Perhaps we’ll get vente mochas together. Perhaps I’ll take him to the Burger Joint. Perhaps we’ll be BFF. Perhaps…
My life...
So I am here at work, and I am bored...Always! Not sure if I can really complain about this bc I know others who are so crazed at work who would like to swap spots with me.
But what the heck, I have the time to complain.
I have worked at Bellmarc Realty for a year and a half. I started out doing a small task and then soon after they passed over the responsibility of Insurance benefits....After 6 months of being at the Main office I was moved to another office to assist real estate brokers (I still kept the other duties), after a month at the new office they moved me again bc this other office needed some strong support. SO....that is where I write to you from, BUT on Monday I am being shipped back to the Main office- what will the new job entail you ask? I wonder!

I need to be more thankful, they are doing everything they can think of to keep me (expect offering me more $$), they know I am looking for a new job (that will have to wait bc I am still mad about it:), and they think a move back to the Main Office may offer me a new challenge.

Their (ps I do not know the correct uses of there, their...so just keep it to your self when I am wrong- their will be many grammatical mistakes on this blog- except when Gabe decides to add a diddy or 2) idea so far is to move into property management. Basically dealing with folks who live in million dollar apartments who complain all day....Okay not really but I really am not interested in PMS- do I just shut up and nod (and ask for more $) or tell them for the 4th time I am not interest at all....

I am spoiled, they like me, they want to keep me, but I am still unhappy.....I should stop now! I have been looking for a new job for over three months but obviously I am still here for a reason, pray for me if you have a few extra minutes today:)

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Here are a few of us after the wedding just hanging out....Kristen, Sara, Meg and Kelli! My girls from UNCG days!!
I was in NC a few months ago for a good friend in colleges wedding...Here I am with the beautiful bride! Sara and Todd had a lovely wedding and it I was honored to be a part of it!

The whole gang! Seth and Donia with their three kids, Kate, Quinn, and Paige....And then Sue and Dave....

In January Gabe and I went to Hawaii with the Robinson family to celebrate his mom's b-day and his folks anniversary! What an amazing trip...
Going to try to get this thing started. I am a little addicted to looking at other folks blogs so thought I would have a go at my own...please bear with me as Gabe and I don't have much going on so it may be a little slow at the start.

So as you all know work is a bit slow right now so I am going to try to get it up and running and will fill you in on all the joys of life in the big city:)
Will try to put some pictures up too...

Alright, lets get going!