Saturday, October 4, 2008

Prom @ UCP

For the past two years I have been chaperoning disco's at UCP,NY- this past Friday we had a prom. Had to share a few photo's of my gang!

Pictures of life over the last few weeks....

Guess who?

Katie's birthday

Nanna- Gabes grandma in her new "I Love NY" t


I don' even know if that is a word~ but some random thoughts going through my head:

*Feist is amazing, I can't help but dance when I listen to I Feel It All (this usually happens on the subway- and for some strange reason this embarrasses Gabe)

*Swollen Lymph nodes kill when you get them in your armpit (I know not to use anti-perspirant- to all those who want to recommend to me)

*I love the fall! Dakota and I enjoyed a nice walk to the park this morning....the crunching of leaves beneath your feet makes me smile

*October is a bit over booked- all really fun stuff but no doubt it'll fly by and I'll wonder where it went

*I think I know it all- hard to break yourself of this lie, I need to learn to respect my supervisor even when I think she isn't the brightest

*While having lunch with a good friend from college we spoke about our 20's...we were saying how it was a real "soul searching" stage of life. This is true, I tend to always think- am I doing enough, am I good person, will I look back and regret things I did or didn't do! It's kinda scary, I look forward to getting older and wiser

*I think it's important for people to have hobbies- I really don't have one but have been contemplating taking a dance class

*If I think my dog is the cutest, smartest, most lovely dog in the world- is that okay? I know people must think that about their kids- I can only imagine! I may be the most cocky mother ever (I know that's not good)

I have some more 'randomness' but I'll save them, these are things that usually go through my head when I am trying to pray..