Wednesday, February 10, 2010

You may think....

That we have been extremely busy or that we are under the weather and that is why we have not updated the blog (and you would actually be 100% correct) but to be perfectly honest....Who wants to post over a title that says MY WIFE BE THE BEST?

I mean come on! Who doesn't like a little praise from the hubster every now and then?

BUT we actually have been super busy. Birthday parties- my own and friends. Gabe and I went to MILK and COOKIES with two of our couple friends. I also went to see NEXT TO NORMAL (a Broadway show) with another was amazing but so depressing- yes I cried. I also had to yell at the grandma sitting behind us bc she was sucking on a lollipop so loudly that everyone was turing around. After 15 minutes (this sucker might have lasted the whole 2nd act) I kindly turned around and said- THAT IS REALLY LOUD- in my softest whisper of course.

Our church had an event to raise money for LOVE146, a great organization that raises money and awareness on child sex slavery. It was an auction -silent and live- and they had a band and some stand up comedians perform. It was such a great night...we walked out without any goods bc our lovely friends all out-bid us:)

There have been a few other things in there as well but don't want to start boring you to much! I do have a few pictures to share but those will have to wait for the next post. It's snowing in NY and it's beautiful. Many offices closed- mine (and Gabes) did not....kinda stinks!