Saturday, December 14, 2013

Pics from a summer birthday party

We went to our neighbors daughters birthday party months ago and one of their good friends took some pics of the girls so I wanted to share even though they are a few months old. It was a "cowgirl" theme so the outfits are a bit silly (my poor sweet Gracie girl!) but fun was had by all!

*ps I know I need a few apostrophes and comma's above but my editor is MIA;)

Saturday, November 23, 2013

My little loves

The girls are changing so very quickly and I wish I had a way to capture each funny or cute thing they said or did but I don't. I try to make mental notes of Gracie's silly expressions and her little voice saying "Meeeee" while she points to what she wants. Or Finnegan's elaborate conversations, sometimes with Gabe or I, a baby doll, or just playing pretend on her own. I am so very proud of her sweet spirit. 

Gabe's mom had us get portraits of the girls the other day and although we have cheesy smile girl and NO smile girl in our midst I think they captured a few cute ones. Thanks so much Sue!

This one is perfect because Finn thinks something is SO funny and Grace with her usual "not impressed look". 

Saturday, November 2, 2013

We love the fall!

Life is so crazy these days. We have so much change in the air and it's just as we get used to/wrap our heads around one thing that it all changes. Right now Gabe works 4 nights and then is off 3 nights. I can't imagine how his body is handling all the days/nights, quick switches, and lack of sleep but he never complains.  On his days off family time is in the afternoon/early evening. Gabe and I really have no down time just the two of us so we will have to be very intentional on alone time and date nights. 

My camera was in the shop so we didn't take many pictures over the last few weeks, plus we got these fancy things called i-phones, have you heard of them? I fought the update for a while and honestly, still miss my flip that I had to tape together because I dropped it so often. So now I have the camera on the phone and well, still haven't learned how to upload them here. It takes me a while years sometimes.

Here we are carving our pumpkin. Loved all the faces that the girls made- mostly of disgust.

The other afternoon we walked around Davidsons campus and it was gorgeous out. I am no photographer (I wish I was but honestly even if I did know all about my camera these two NEVER look at the camera at the same time!) but we snapped a bunch of pictures of the girls running around

Gabe was looking SO serious in all of these pics so you can see his reaction when I yelled SMILE below

G Rob having the time of his life

This would have been really cute if my huge head of hair didn't block Finnegan out. 

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

3'z is the Bee's Knee's!

Finnegan is 3 years and one week old. My girl is growing up way to fast on me. 
We had the grandparents over on her actual birthday and it was a very low key pizza party to celebrate our sweet Finn Marie.

I am going to start a tradition for the girls (I think I did this last year for Finn) on their birthday and it's starting the day with a mini cake in bed as soon as they get up. I think I read that in the DIVINE SECRETS OF THE YA YA SISTERHOOD when I was 15! It went over really well this year and Finn just opened her cards and played with stickers for about 30 minutes.

Love you to the MOON and BACK!

This is what Gracie looked like when we told her she couldn't have cake!

Don't worry I sat with the birthday girl!

Action shot- blowing out the candles!

Gracie wasn't going to miss out this time!

 Then this past weekend the Breedloves came to visit! We had such a good time catching up and Finnegan loved having her buddies here. 

Monday, September 16, 2013

Zoo day to celebrate our 3 year old!

Finnegan turns 3 on Wednesday. It really seems like yesterday that we were headed to the hospital in Brooklyn for her arrival and today she is a real little human with thoughts and crazy emotions. Finn is a true first born daughter. She wants to please, she wants everyone to LOVE her, she wants to help and care for her sister, etc...She is so sweet and a very sympathetic child. If someone is hurting or sad it's almost like she can sense that, I pray that her caring and loving spirit stays with her. I also pray that as she gets older she would gain a confidence in who she is and not question that. 

We took the girls to the zoo on Saturday instead of a birthday party. It was really a perfect day. Everyone was in a good mood and it felt good to be out and about and be together! (We have one more month of the academy and we'll be thankful to have an actual schedule once Gabe graduates).

I'll the pictures speak for themselves. I don't have anyone to edit this;)