Saturday, November 24, 2007

Thanksgiving celebrations....

Because we stayed in NYC this year for Thanksgiving, the day was spent at the parade and then hanging with our friends. We decided we wanted to go out to eat so we could enjoy the rest of the day just relaxing. I felt like such an adult going out to eat on Thanksgiving. We all met at the restaurant and had a traditional thanksgiving meal.

The weather was so nice that after the meal we went home to get more comfy and then headed to the cemetery to see the beautiful fall leaves. That may sound strange but we live right next to a huge cemetery that is pretty amazing, we go for walks here often.
We were a little silly so hope this doesn't offend anyone...if so please don't look at the pics~

Here is the gang...J and K with us.

Air guitar....

The leaves changed so much later this year. The colors are so amazing!

Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

We weren't sure we wanted to brave the parade this year bc we know it is kinda crazy with thousands of people trying to get the best view. When we woke up at 7:15 Thursday morning and the sun was shining we thought -- What the heck, we live close enough to go for an hour and head home!...
And we are both glad we went. Gabe and I both don't tolerate people pushing on you for to long so we did head home after an hour but it was a fun experience. Those that brought kids sure had a fun experience too. We have some funny stories about the parade but as lazy bloggers you will have to give us a call and ask;)But none of the stories involve Gabe and I yelling at people so you can be proud.

Here are a few shots of the balloons, bands, and floats....

That's Dolly Parton!

Everywhere we looked there where clowns...It made the clown lover in this family very happy;)

JOJO! If you don't know who that is, join the club! The kids sure went crazy over him though.

Miss USA...


Gobble Gobble Turkey, Gobble Gobble turkey...

If you sing this to the tune of the William Tell overture you have just heard the song that Gabe and I taught the kids in nursery last week. When we went to sing songs about thanksgiving Gabe and I realized we didn't know any so I whipped this out and Gabe started dancing around with the kids. Glad none of the parents were there bc they may have thought we lost our minds, I love that kids give you the excuse to act totally silly! I guess Gabe and I never really need an excuse do we?

We started this holiday by going to the upper West side to see the balloons for the Macy's parade being blown up. Even though we got there at 4, it seemed that they were already blown up so we just walked around and looked at the balloons. The weather was perfect and it was a nice afternoon bc we both got out of work early and just strolled around.

HA! Can you hear me saying "Come on Gabe, for the blog!"

Great Food, Great Friends, and one Great city!

I apologize, I have become a very slack blogger! I am one who likes to check other peoples blogs for daily updates and yet, I only update once a month!
Here is what our life has looked like the past two weeks...
Last Saturday night our bible study got together for a great meal and some fellowship. Gabe and I have felt really blessed by this group. We are reading a book on prayer and each week we leave challenged and encouraged.The pics of the whole group came out blurry so here are a few shots of the gang.

Then Sunday our church had a pot luck! This is our table right after we stuffed our faces! What a fun time of year....we can eat all we want and never feel sorry about it (until my pants feel a little tight!)

Monday, November 5, 2007

Marathon Madness!

The family chilling after we made them stand outside for a few hours cheering on strangers! My dad, step-mom and Katie were in town to visit...we had a really nice time!

Oliver cheesing for Uncle Gabe....he sure loves Uncle Gabe, aka: Scary Monster...

Gabe and I get into watching the marathon each year...Next year we are going to have a little marathon party! We cheered on Paula Radcliffe who won it for the ladies but not sure if we spotted Lance or Katie Holmes...We watched for over two hours!

Katie and my dad checking it out! Katie almost lost her voice she was yelling so loudly!