Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Lazy blogger post

So I have been pretty lazy about updating the blog lately...
One of the reasons is because I thought we would really look like losers if I kept putting pics of the dog and nothing else (although, honestly I do spend a lot of time thinking she is the best dog in the world!)
Second reason is I'm's freakin hot here and when Gabe and I get home we put on skimpy clothes (I'll post those pics of Gabe soon) and hope someone will bring us dinner~ we even ate Mc'dees last week. (those not from NYC- fast food isn't as common here bc it's not a convenience thing like stopping by after work in our car).

I went to Cuttyhunk this past weekend (where my brother Andy got married, near Martha's Vineyard) to see my nephew, sister-in law, and her folks. It was an amazing weekend! We ate lots of good food, spent the day on the water, played in the sand, made a campfire and had smores...etc, etc. Gabe wasn't with us so that was sad but I am really glad I went! It was a five hour bus ride and then an hour ferry ride- definitely worth it! It's nice to have family a bit closer:)

I have a million pictures bc Oliver is so darn cute but I'll only post a few here!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Party it up...

So tonight when we left our friends party one of the guys yelled to me:
"Take good care of Gabe, he's precious cargo"

Is something wrong with this picture?

Here are some pictures of the gang....Thanks to the Kims who hosted! We had a really fun night~


We have a few man made waterfalls here in NYC- Gabe and I saw a few of them last weekend while on our walk across the Brooklyn Bridge- they are cool, but not anything amazing...

Here is some info I found online:

New York City will host an exciting art exhibit featuring spectacular man-made waterfalls 90 to 120 feet (27 to 37 meters). They will be softly lit at night and available for everyone to see. There will be 4 falls total.

The New York City Waterfalls will be constructed using building elements that are ubiquitous throughout New York: scaffolding is the backbone of the structures, and pumps will bring water from the East River to the top; the water then falls from heights of 90 to 120 feet back into the river. Fish and aquatic life are protected by filtering the water through intake pools suspended in the river. To build the Waterfalls, Public Art Fund has partnered with Tishman Construction Corporation and has engaged a team of design, engineering and construction professionals.

Here are a few pics that we took:

I think the most shocking thing I read was this quote:
The city is expecting tourism revenues to increase by $55 Million due to this $15 million exhibition

So this project cost $15 million- totally nuts, and do we really think people are going to come to the city just to see these?


Here are a few pics of Dakota with her new hairdo~
Didn't get any really good ones but these will have to do for now:)
I love long weekends!! I have Thursday and Friday off, I always get a little anxious about planning things bc I feel like I don't want to stay in my pj's for 4 days straight but i also don't want to be running around going from one thing to the next...We'll see what happens!

Check out the new furniture....still need to clean to post actual aptartment photos....