Saturday, April 19, 2008

Baby steps...

So we aren't taking a nice stroll to the park just yet...but Dakota will go to the bathroom outside (most of the time:). We have actually been carrying her outside bc she won't leave the house -- I know, I know she needs to get used to walking out, but if we didn't do this we would never leave the one step at a time

She isn't very food motivated (ie yummy dog treats) but we have realized that deli meats work! Hopefully next week we will have walked around the block! She enjoys hanging out in the backyard so we do that each night. It isn't ideal bc we have to climb out of our kitchen window so we both have to be home to make it work, but once we are out there she goes exploring!

Here are some recent pics! She still loves her rope and kong but we brought out her little squeaker (a Christmas pressie from the MN Rob's) and she LOVES it!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Baby shower!

Our friend Amy is having a baby any day now... some ladies and I threw her a baby shower. It was a super fun girly night, and we are really excited to meet Amy and Paul's little one!

Dakota was a good girl...she's still a little nervous but nothing like throwing her right in:) Not really, she was chilling in her crate and when it had quieted down I just opened the door and she came out when she felt comfie!

A few random pics of the ladies!

Crystal was the game master!! She did a terrific job!

Miss Dakota made her entrance and was being spoiled by Abbi- Our other friend Pearl is in the pic...her babe is due in July!! Can't wait for all these new little ones!

Puppy Days! Pic's may be overkill:)

This is being written by one very sleepy, mind frazzled, pee stinking dog owner! O the joys! Gabe and I are so in love with our new girl! When people say that a puppy is like a baby- they are right, good news is she sleeps through the night! Bad news is she doesn't want to go outside, once she's out there, she doesn't want to come back inside. She only walks a few steps at a time, then will stop and sit:the whole leash things is foreign to her. I understand that a farm dog might not really get the concept of going to the bathroom on cement, but yesterday we went into the backyard and she watched Gabe and I chase each other around, not interested in joining us at all!!

Amazing things she does...sleep:), she already loves her crate (I was dreading having to train her on that), she is super shy but enjoys meeting new people (that's good bc I had 15 girls over here last night for a baby shower), and making Gabe and I puddy in her paw!

Friday, I was home from work and took her to the vet- I had to walk 3 avenues and about five blocks- After carrying her across 4th Ave (she's 26 pounds) and an hour of tugg, walk walk, tugg, walk walk...we called a car service to pick us up (I NEVER do this, bc we are to cheap- for those that don't know- we don't have a car, and really never need one). Once we left the vet, and got another car...we chilled for the rest of the afternoon. I had to work Friday night so she was home about an hour alone- When Gabe got home from work she was in a poop filled crate. It took him an hour and a half to clean it all out!

Saturday was fine, we were hanging out on our front stoop, and went walking occasionaly (a few feet every so often). We were getting ready for the baby shower and she just hung out. Then the ladies started arriving. We were outside for about 15 minutes greeting everyone- she was super hesitant and a bit overwhelmed but over all she did very well. As soon as we went inside she peed- hmm, not the smartest girl...So I ran her back outside to re-enforce "we go out to pee!", she went in her crate and hung out in the kitchen for most of the party.

She did come out after a while and was the star of the show!
Here are some random pictures of our life over the last few days! Or shall I say- her life!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Our first family photo with Dakota

Stories to come, but I am a bit knackered now!
Sharing a few pics...this morning I need to buy her a new collar and then we are off to the vet! She is truly a sweet girl, laying at my feet as I write this...Gabe whistling merrily in the kitchen perks her ears right up!

It may be a few really long nights but think she'll catch on quickly (or hope she does!!)
More to come...

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Dakota is home!

It's 11:40 and we have our girl! She is amazing...we will post pics in the morning -- right now though we need her to come into the apartment...yup she wants to stay outside! The joy's of parenting a pup begin!

Puppy day!

Morning Folks...
Our pup should be arriving around 9:30 tonight...We are really excited to get here- the apartment is all ready, the emergency bag is packed, and we have a few episode's of the dog whisperer under our belt. Cesar, the host of the show, really stresses not giving affection when the dog is under stress but allowing the dog to be comforted with your calm feelings thus relying the fact that you are the leader of the pact. At this point I know that the dog will arrive beyond stressed, smelling like pee, and hungry- all I am going to want to do is cuddle her (or cuddly woosky as we like to say sometimes)~

I'll be posting pictures tomorrow so be on the lookout. Hoping her flights don't get canceled and that Gabe and I can come up with a name!

Here are a few name idea's- Tesla, Dakota, Butternut, Luna....etc...Any favorites?

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


It's a girl:)

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Why did we move?

So Gabe and I thought we would wait a few months until we bought our pup, but you know how anxious we have been --
We are now proud parents of a Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier!!!

Our little pup lives in Nebraska and will be moving to NY on the 10th of April (tentatively- they need to check flights). We are beyond excited at becoming parents to a soft furry little fella!

We are currently trying to come up with names...any suggestions? All votes will be considered:)