Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

Hope everyone had a fantastic Easter! Gabe and I had the kids class this morning at church, it was sad that we weren't able to worship with our church body but nothing beats a group of 2-3 year old's yelling "HE IS RISEN!"
Face painting action. I love how serious and still she gets.

Keep that egg on the spoon game...hmm,  I think she thought we said  knock the egg off of the spoon

My loves!

Daddy helping Finn get some eggs!

Did you know you were supposed to bring baskets to Easter Egg hunts? Ya' this momma didn't so she used a cloth diaper wet bag. Finn wasn't phased, I think I have a year or two before she realizes that she didn't have the "right" thing.

My serious baby starts to smile a bit more. Her face always lights up when I walk into a room and makes me just want to eat her up.

Not so sure about this guy

Nerdy family portrait beside a fake wooden flower.

My girls Easter morning


Wednesday, March 13, 2013

These kids...

The days have been a bit long this past week but these girls keep me smiling (and on my toes!). Here are a few pics of my Gracie girl (I'll throw in a few of Finnegan too). Gracie is learning new things each day and we are so in love with her.