Tuesday, July 28, 2009

You thought your car was dirty?

My car just so happens to be the subway. Last week Gabe saw someone throw up in a bag- she was very professional about it and thankfully I did not see bc I would have gotten sick as well....

BUT TONIGHT- I saw a 6 year old go over to the door and pee on himself and I watched as the pee landed in a puddle and dripped down under a few seats...his mother and grandmother just kind of laughed. I almost died- what the heck? Once a seat opened up he also sat down.

Is this ok? I think I may need to start wearing a bubble suit to commute in.

Sorry no pics of this....had to share though.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Fun crazy times!

Since our trip to NC Gabe and I have been keeping super busy...Last weekend we were able to chill and do absolutely nothing and man that felt good!
Some fun things we have done this month:

Went to see THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS- it was a kids' show at the park but they still played a few of my favorites. We may have been the only ones without kids but that didn't stop us from getting down! We did almost get into a fight on the way (not with each other but with a stranger on the street). For those who we hang out with on a regular basis this is no surprise- for those who we haven't been around in a long time let me just tell you- We both have attitudes and really fit into that NY mentality (not bragging bc not sure it's a great quality)....BUT, as we were walking this guy in front of us got his bike caught so we walked around him. After a step or two we heard him say- Just relax. So it took me a second to realize he was talking to us but by the time I was whipping my head around to say something guess who was already doing it...The hubster! Gabe says something like- "excuse me? We didn't even say anything to you" (like get out of my way with your crazy stuck bike). And we kept walking but the guy yells- "Go back home...where do you live? Williamsburg?" (W'burg is in Brooklyn and known for its hipsters- we were so taken aback but before we could respond he goes "where are you from- the Midwest?" So...1. Gabe and I looked like we just stepped out of a Gap add (from 5 years ago), and 2. what's wrong with the Midwest and W'burg? I think Gabe did say something like- "Get a life" but can't remember...things like this always get us going. We had a great time at the concert, though! Who doesn't like the song "Particle Man?"!

Afterwards Gabe was getting together with some guys for poker and pizza and I was getting together with two girlfirends. It was such a fun night- us girls ate bread and butter and corn on the cob- bing cherries for dessert! We grazed all night and talked about fun things like highschool and babies (one of the friends is preggers. Haven't had a night like that since college! I know, I was a real party animal, huh?

We went to see Harry Potter opening night with some friends...we didn't get to sit together bc the place was packed. Good movie though. I did fall asleep at one point but I think I always do that at these movies. Then we sung happy b-day to J'Cals in Union Square and feasted on cupcakes that his wife had brought!

Gabe, D and I had a picnic last Saturday night in the park. The weather was amazing and we used our new picnic bag (something I got from work) and a great new picnic blanket from the in-laws. We brought a screw driver and put D's leash on that. We ate, drank some wine, watched a wedding, played some cards- perfecto night in my book! And as we were leaving we got a good laugh when this really cute 6- or 7-year-old girl saw us walking with Dakota and said something like, "Oh child, uh-uh, don't get near me. Lord, no." Pretty funny.

Some good times. And I (Meg) am going to DC this weekend to see my college roommates. Really looking forward to it. Gabe will have his horror and samurai flicks to keep him happy.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

North Carolina

So G Rob, Dakota and I spent the 4th with the family in North Carolina. It was a very quick trip (whats new) but instead of trying to pack it all in we really just relaxed and caught up! Katie (my sis), came to NY the weekend before so that she could drive back to NC with D and I. Gabe wasn't able to get off work as early so he flew up and met us. Katie was a good sport and we really appreciated her- her job on the road was to keep me up. We sang to Moxy Fruvous at the top of our lungs, crazy how lyrics never leave ya!

Wednesday night was spent with my mom and step dad...good food and a little "so you think you can dance" (I had never seen but kinda fun). Thursday mom and I ran around and did some girly things- like check out their cool new grocery store, furniture shopping (please please Gabe can I have a new couch!!), and of course what would a trip home be with out visiting an open house?. That night Gabe got in and his folks joined us for an Italian feast and a tour of Italy (as per G and M).

Friday morning we went boating and had a lazy two hours tanning and swimming. Got back to the house and packed up to go to the Rob's...Dakota at this point should have been pooped. She doesn't sit down at my folks place bc she loves playing with their two dogs. BUT- once we got to the Rob;s she got a surprise- another pup! Bailey was a bit intimidated by our monster but they both got a workout. We had a nice dinner out on their screened porch and then...ding dong~ here comes the MN Rob's.

Seth, Donia and their three kiddos drove in from MN. It was going to be a really short visit with them but we were just glad we had the opportunity at all. The kids are getting so big and you could just eat em up they are so cute! It was fun chasing each other and acting crazy together (ok that was just the kids and Gabe and I).

The next morning I got suckered into running with Donia- this always happens and I am not sure why:) I HATE running and happen to be terribly out of shape- Donia runs on a regular basis and loves it. So...she invites me, I smile and say "no thanks"...then before you know it I have my sneakers on and we are running! I do end up enjoying the time spent with her but the next morning my body ached a bit. About 20 people in total were over for the 4th picnic. We had water ballons and squirt guns, delicious food and even fireworks in our own yard. What a fun time!

The Robinson clan

Sunday...on the road again. Gabe, D and I made it home in about 11 hours. A great weekend with the family- so glad we were able to see everyone!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Good night....

We were just in NC for a whirlwind visit...I have some fun pictures to share but before I go to bed wanted to share just two of Dakota enjoying the car trip home and pooping out right when we walked in the door! She is such a trooper.

Enjoying life....

She crawled into her crate that she came to us in (way too small for her now but we leave it in the closet bc she likes to curl up in there)....notice her head hanging out.