Wednesday, June 12, 2013

I really shouldn't be blogging....

But I'll call this my 5 minute stress reliever.
We are amidst another move but this one is for a good long time. In a real house. With a real yard (although we have become quite fond of the apartment parking lot). And with kitchen cabinets and counter top. Pinch me!
To say we are excited would be an understatement, but first we have to do all the hard stuff. Like pack while watching two active kids...I pray for little Gracie's safety as she can be found in some pretty crazy spots these days. She has started fussing when I tell her no and move her from potential danger (think toilet and dogs water bowl)- it really starts so much younger then you realize.

BUT here are some recent pics of the girls and friends.
The Breedloves come to visit!!

I swoon. This girl steals our hearts daily. She is such a big girl  crawling and pulling up on everything. She also eats a bit of what we eat at meals times and LOVES it.

Aunt Crystal and Uncle Bryan would be very proud, Finn can do this puzzle all by herself now!

Finn's new police car. Thanks Grandma and Grandpa

My best friend , Kelli, (college roommate) came to visit last week with her two little ones and we had such a fun time catching up while really not doing much with 4 little ones. I really wish they lived closer (and so do the girls!).

Emmy and Finnegan

Caleb was such a champ amongst all these ladies. I wish I had a picture that captured his amazing personality. Such a sweet little one. We had not seen him since he was like 3.5 weeks old so I loved getting to "meet" him. 

Long legs like her daddy!