Monday, September 15, 2008

I'm a little bit tired and a little bit OCD

So tonight my dear friends you can find this girl eating pasta (no sauce just butter- strange NEVER used to go that route), cuddled up on the couch with some music and some work (I didn't want to work late bc being cuddled up on the couch was more attractive).

This past weekend I was back in NC for Katie's (my sis) birthday. My mom and I had talked about this party for months ahead of time and although it was really just a dessert drop by I think our "talking" helped bc it went really well! The reason I am tired though is that I took it upon myself to clean clean my parents house. It wasn't dirty at all but my OCD kicked in and I thought that all the base boards, chair rails and window sills needed a good wiping down. Mom was super sweet and kept saying that it wasn't necessary but I was a girl on a mission. If you could see my apartment though-- you wouldn't be impressed, why is it that it's always more fun cleaning somebody else's home?

As a kid I used to make Katie sit on my bed while I cleaned up my room. I would tell her to pretend we were on a talk show and that she (the host) would need to say things like "OK- you have 20 seconds to pick up all of your clothes and put them on the bed", and then "You know have 15 seconds to fold all of the clothes" and lastly "10 seconds to put them away"She of course had to add many sound effects and would frantically tell me if the time was running was so much fun and made cleaning a cinch-

I better let Gabe know that he's busy this weekend, he better be ready to be my talk show host!

All of this to say I'll post pics later, and hopefully a great video of Mr. Rob (Gabe's dad, not Gabe) singing along to Nirvana on rock band!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A few other photos

These are kids that we used to babysit in NC- we love these two! Gabe is with Folger and I am with Hugh-Michael and their dog who looks a bit like D.

Sue (Gabe's mom) and Aunt Diane!

John (my step-dad) at the Robinson's with our girl!

Crazy Dakota sleeping in our bathroom- this is her favorite position.

Trip to NC

We were in NC for Labor day. It was Gabe's high school reunion so that was all day Saturday. it was super low-key and nice to see people (I went to the same school for three years). If Gabe wants to elaborate he can but right now he says's from the family room "I like my class of '98". And so....

We split time between families which is nice for the most part, but also exhausting when you are moving all of your stuff each night. My parents' house was the very active, crazy house. We brought the craziness though. Dakota could not sit for longer than 30 seconds there. All she wanted to do was play with their two dogs. It was really fun to watch and my parents were extremely kind not to throw us out on our butts! Also, because she was having so much fun she really never wanted to take a break to go outside to use the bathroom:) Thanks folks!

Then at Gabe's home she would conk out, no dogs- she was able to get her energy back while there. It was funny--she would take a day to relax for the next crazy day. She actually slept better there too so we were able to do the same (she doesn't sleep in the bed with us but the same room). Appreciate the families letting us bring the dog!

The whole trip was a bit of a blur, but we ate lots and caught up with each other. The actual drive was really fun. I miss driving. We had a hybrid both ways and wow we saved tons on gas. We did run out of gas on the way home, the battery allowed us a mile or two but didn't get us to the gas station. Gabe got in a car with a stranger and D was supposed to keep me safe; she didn't really protect me as she cuddled in beside me, but all worked out well. Just glad it was Gabe who was driving when it happened:)

Here are the pics: Enjoy!
Gabe just couldn't get the three to cooperate

Proof of the crazy dogs! Don't worry if we come to your home, we can control her!

Our friend Brad's baby boy: So cute!!

I am lazy, sorry

So the blog suffers when work is crazy and the last thing I want to do is sit at computer...but fun things have been happening here in the Robinson household-

To my friend Klyde, I apologize for making you wait for the drama of our past weekend away. Doesn't seem like such a big deal now (life is good like that) but D chewed up Gabe's bosses carpet our first night in his home. We were super upset and felt awful. Crys L was amazing and spent some time online trying to find out where in the world the carpet came from so we could replace it. We had parents going on ebay to try to find it (bc it was three years old from pottery barn and they no longer carried it), Gabe's mom went to PB the next morning. Then the last day I was doing the dishes (although they had a dishwasher which is a HUGE treat for us) I wanted to do them by hand and broke a wine glass.....SOOOO, we left some money and told them to replace it all! Thankfully Gabe's boss was amazing and reassured us it was no big deal and gave the $ back!:) We won't be going back next year though....

So since then we have been busy here in NYC~ just life really but non-stop life! Work is nuts for me bc my co-worker transferred to a new division (I have a window seat now), basketball started back up for Gabe, and everything just seems a bit more like 'work' here.

For Labor day we rented a car and took a road trip to NC, Dakota in tow. It was Gabe's 10 year school reunion and just a good time to see family. I actually head back to NC this weekend for my sisters 30th birthday!