Tuesday, December 13, 2011

O' Christmas Tree

There were a few things on my "wish list" of things to do once we moved to Asheville...apple picking was the first one and cutting down our own Christmas tree was the second one. I am sure that list will grow as i discover all there is to do here but those were special to me.

Last Thursday we packed up the ole' mini van and drove about 40 minutes to a Christmas tree farm. It was such a fun morning. We spent about 30 minutes walking around tree's that were not for sale...thinking they were but just not priced as we were told they should be. oop's- our life story. And then we trekked up a bit farther and saw price tags...voila! There weren't many left but we found the most perfect tree for our space. Then- be prepared this is cheating- we just stood there and waited by our tree and they cut it down for us. Let's be honest, my wish wasn't actually to cut it down- I just wanted it to be on the farm still in dirt:) So...wish was granted. We then spent some time eating Christmas cookies and drinking cider. It was just as I imagined! We'll be doing this again next year. Just a few years ago we were carrying our tree home on the subway!

Finn hugs and kisses the tree! She is such a little honey.

Gabe hugs and kisses Finn! He is such a big honey;)

The finished product!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Thanksgiving, etc....

We spent the holidays in Charlotte...so nice only being 2 hours away from family. Finn already recognizes and knows the grandparents and aunt's there. (that makes GAbe and I smile when we doubt the move).

Right before Thanksgiving some of our best friends from Brooklyn spent a few nights with us. They have a 4 month old daughter and we loved getting lots of cuddles in and Finn loved reading with her auntie and uncle!

On a more serious note- Gabe's beer was finally finished and ready for a taste test! He said the hops were great and blabbibty blah (said with love), and most importantly tasted great! (ps if you look closely you can see Gabe's friend washing our floor- talk about going above and beyond, thank you Steven for all of your help!!!)

Finn and I stayed a few extra days and spent the day at a childrens museum. It was perfect for Finn's age and she LOVED it. So did Grammy and I, although I think it was totally hitting me that my baby girl is not really a baby anymore. sigh.
(water table fun)

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Biltmore Estate

The other day we went to the Biltmore to walk around the gardens and visit the farm on the property. We bought season passes before we moved and this was our second visit (1st visit we toured the home). It's so nice to just be able to go for an hour or two with Finn and take it all in. The grounds are enormous and they have lots to offer.

All Finnegan really wants to do is run around though...so we let her.

We checked out the Conservatory- she was kind of mad at me for putting her in her stroller;)

The big hit of the day was the farm- we had it just about to ourselves and the lady who worked there was amazing telling us all about the animals and even bringing out a 6 day old goat!!!

Monday, November 14, 2011


On Saturday Finn and I spent the day with a good friend from college and her daughter. We had such a nice time catching up and watching our two girls play. They are 3 weeks apart and had so much fun at the park....

Unfortunately, they had a little accident but no worries, no tears were shed and all was okay!

My wild women going down the slide!

And my friend was able to slow the video down and capture the pic of Finn mid-way...

I've warned her she needs to stop sucking in that bottom lip or else it'll stick.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Nothing much to report

We've been busy with lots of visitors over the last week and it's been fun showing them a little bit of our town and hitting up a few local restaurants which has been a treat for us. Finn has also been teaching everyone all her new tricks.

Finn now understands how to joke around and will do funny things to get us to laugh. She just dropped her morning nap so around 10ish everyday we have to get out of the house or else she gets super fussy...today we just walked the trail behind our apartment, yesterday we went on a mini hike and let her run around the playground and shoot hoops with daddio, the day before we went to a shoe outlet and j crew outlet (can't wait to take Johanna to both!!)...You get the idea, nothing overly exciting just living life!

Here are a few pics of our silly girl...

Best Friends!

Finnegan being silly and trying to make us laugh!

My pretty babe!

We drove along the Blue Ridge Parkway the other day and it was pretty gorgeous. i absolutely love the fall.
We started with a little picnic...

A little rolling...

Pretty scenery...

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Goodbye Rat Tail!

I have finally won the battle. Gabe allowed me to finally cut Finn Marie's rat tail (side mullet) and I have to be honest it looks super cute. My girl is growing up...first haircut and she was great- all she needed was a lollipop and her Aunt Katie to keep her still.




Monday, October 31, 2011

I may be the worst mom

Because I totally made my child go to every door to get Gabe and me candy. Did I totally use her cuteness to score candy bars??

We went to some friends for a potluck and then trick or treated in a neighborhood close by. We had such a fun time and Finn loves being with other children. So thankful for the Breedloves (Gabe's college roommate and his family). They have really helped this transition for us and we truly appreciate them sharing their friends, food, and lives with us!

Happy Halloween!

More pics to come after we go trick or treating tonight.
But here are a few pics of my crazy girl.

Trying to get into her wagon herself...she didn't even fuss...ouch!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Just in case you were wondering

What we do all day everyday with our little one here is a little glimpse:
Saying she loves books is an understatement, not really sure why we even have toys.