Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween Fun...

Well it has been a while since we have last bloggged, we have been super busy but nothing really worth sharing and we surely haven't taken many pictures. This past weekend was the beginning (and end) to our Halloween fun.

Friday night I worked one of my disco's and brought Gabe along for the first time. We were having our Halloween party and a haunted house. We danced for a few minutes but we were in charge of bringing folks through the haunted this wasn't the scariest thing (especially bc my job was trying to narrate as we walked around...can you hear me saying "This was our last victim if you aren't careful you may become one of them") but they really got into it!
Here is a picture of them while they were announcing the winners of the costume party...There are some pretty good ones!

Then Saturday night we went over to some friends and are lots of candy!!
Here are a few pics of our costumes....We have some creative friends...If you can guess what Gabe's full costume is you win a prize!
(Ok no prize but Gabe will sure be proud of you!)

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Misc. things over the last few weeks~

Our good friends from church are leaving NYC. That is one of the hard things about living here. It seems that everyone is on a 5 year plan. They are going to DC so it gives us a great place to visit but we will really miss them!

Taryn and Meg

Goodbye lunch for Patrick and Taryn!

Gabe and Oliver swimming in our apartment:)

Gabe and oliver playing ball at their home away from home....

This picture is of some random girls on the train enjoying their candy from China Town. This poor kid at the end (he is the guy in the white hat)got on the train and stole one of the little girls seats. For the rest of the ride I just sat and watched as the girls stared at him and giggled.
I enjoy the simple things!

Monday, October 8, 2007

Guess who lives across the RIVER?

Sunday afternoon Gabe and I went to the Village and stopped at a Whole foods grocery store. Guess who we ran into?

Yup, that is my nephew Oliver! Andy, Jen, and Ollie are going to be living in the city for the next two 1/2 months. We are pretty darn excited about that....

Gabe and Oliver! The third person is an innocent shopper.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Apple Picking and whatnot~

Well I have been pretty slack lately but I guess by the time I get home from work the last thing I want to do is sit at the computer....We have been pretty busy and this weekend isn't any different. Can't complain though bc we have enjoyed all the things that keep us busy!

Last Saturday a group from our Church went apple picking. We went to Princeton NJ (what a lovely snobby little town). When you live here, without a car, it is a really big treat to escape to SUBURBAN HOOD for a while. It took about 2 hours to get there and it was a nice, scenic route. Our friends had just gotten back from India the day before so it was cool to hear all about there trip.

Once we got there it was just a free for all....We went with our buddies and leisurely walked around and ate the apples before deciding if we wanted to pick them to bring home. Gabe ate a million apples and in each picture had an apple in his hand. Our friend, Bryan, was getting sick of actually eating them so he would take a bite, taste it, and spit it out....he would then pass the apple around so we could all taste it. Crystal and I would just steal a few bites here and there. We picked a ton of apples (about 10 pounds;). When our other friends Andrea and Aubrey joined us trouble began. Aubry attracts the bee's....Gabe and Andrea both almost ate one as they opened there mouth for a big bite of apple and noticed the bee flying towards them. We all escaped unharmed though!

We then went to the farm and had apple cider doughnuts, went through a corn maize, pet a horse, saw a gross dog (Gabe pet him before he saw the nastiness on the dog- sorry no pics of that) And then made our way home....
It was a really good day! And again so nice to be out in the country.

Here is Gabe, Bryan, and Crystal.....the first taste test,

More of the gang, Gabe's apples is hiding behind someones back.


Can you spot our friend Will in the maize?

Crystal and I in the pumpkin patch!