Saturday, August 25, 2007

Shower curtain heist

Gabe and I buy a new shower curtain liner every 6 months. This may be wastefull but we try very hard to keep it clean but end up giving up and then spending $5 on a new one. So we just recently changed it, I only spent $2 on the new liner so it is pretty thin and might not last as long as the one we took down. The one that we discarded was pretty nice (can it really be considered bragging if I am talking about a shower curtain liner?) it has metal rings and was of a "thicker plastic"...but it was time to go....when Gabe starts noticing you know it's gotten a little to mildew'ey!

We put it in a grocery bag and then put it in the trash. Our land lord takes the trash bins from the front stoop to the street corner once a week so we never even think about things that I have thrown out (does anybody??) This afternoon though I noticed something strange hanging on the line in the backyard, guess what it was? YUP- our very dirty (yet it was CLEAN) and good quality, USED shower curtain liner. I am almost 100% sure it was ours, I have never seen the land lord hang a liner on the line (and yes we look out there very often).

Gabe and I were laughing pretty darn hard. I mean who does that? And don't we pay enough rent for them to have the highest quality, mildew free shower curtain liners ever made?
Please see the evidence....

I think the metal hooks were a dead give away...

I felt VERY wasteful after seeing it out there....I may make Gabe start really scrubbing our liners;) HA! Actually Gabe is the cleaner one in this marriage, I can't complain!!

New Toys!

Well today Gabe and I spent the day/night with our good friends the Doublooms (J and C)! As I post they are playing Bond on one of those crazy video gaming systems (don't think I am being rude....I am not so into the video games and insisted that they go ahead with out me)...
WE GOT A NEW COMPUTER!!! So I am having fun playing on it! The Doublooms donated it to us (I KNOW what an amazing gift!!) It is an iMac and I am playing around on it bc mac's take a little getting used to. We are pretty excited about the new computer...

We try to do an all day event with them at least twice a year. We make lots of food and play games, watch movies, and talk! Such a fun time, we are really blessed with great friends here in NYC
Here are a few random photo's of today....
Mr. J setting up the computer with Gabe

K Dog and I chilling

Here is what everyone is doing right now:
Gabe is wearing his good luck hat here....crazy kids

How excited am i?

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Back to Normalcy

Well it has been a while since I had added any pics but to be honest it isn't very often we dust the old camera off. Right after my brothers wedding in CO my best friend from high school came to visit.

Susan had been in India for two years (Nepal for 1, India for 1) so it had been a while since we had had any time just to chill. We had such a nice visit! To start things off Gabe an I ditched her to go see an Alison Krauss concert. Ok, that wasn't very nice of us but we bought the tickets before Susan's trip was a definite, and if you know me well you know that Alison Krauss is my all time favorite. Susan didn't mind either, she went to see a show with another friend:)
So the concert was AMAZING. Gabe and I were acting like giddy school children. We had gotten the tickets of ebay so weren't sure about the seats but were really surprised at how good they were. When she came out Gabe and I were cheering like lunatics (don't worry, everyone was so you couldn't really hear our excited crys!). Then she started singing....Ahh, it was better then we expected. We knew about 75% of the songs and then they (Union Station) introduced a few new songs...I may have embarrassed Gabe bc I just couldn't sit still, I was pretty in to it (don't let him fool you though, bc he was bopping back and forth too). If you ever have the chance to see them live...DO IT!

So, then on Friday Susan and I went to the floating pool in Brooklyn. Imagine this...95 degrees out, 175 people, pool overlooking Manhattan. It was pretty crazy. You have to go in in shifts and although Susan and I got there at 11 we weren't able to get into the pool until 1:00. So bc there is nothing around the pool we laid out for a little (there is a sandy area), and then decide to stand in the outdoor showers for 20 minutes. Think that is weird, it was one of the best decisions ever! It was so HOT! So once we got into the pool 175 people literally striped down and jumped in. Susan and I stayed in for about an hour and half! The view was amazing, the amount of people, a little less desirable...We were really glad we did it though!

Gabe then met us at a famous pizza place right under the Brooklyn Bridge. Susan and I looked like wet rats but they didn't turn us away. Gabe and I always feel like we are cheating on Luigi's (best pizza ever, two blocks away from us) when we eat pizza elsewhere.

The rest of the trip was really chill. We made most of our meals, and showed Susan our neighborhood. We also went to a little flea market in the city. We played games, ate a lot of food, talked and that kinda wrapped up the trip! For some reason we were really off of a 'normal' schedule. It didn't help that we ate dinner at 10:00 one night, but we also didn't get to bed awfully late. Friday night though Gabe was very sick and he was up for a few hours, stuck in the bathroom. Once he and I had fallen back asleep he woke me up around 5:45 bc our carbon monixide monitor was beeping. That is kinda scary but we were not sure if it was REALLY beeping or it was beeping bc it needed new batteries. We, of course, don't have any extra batteries laying around, so I woke up Susan and we all went outside and decided to check one last spot for matching batteries (the remotes). Lo in behlold once we put new batteries in the beeping stopped. It was kind of a crazy night though! We slept until about 10:00 (that is probably the latest I HAVE EVER slept in). Usually it is 7 and I am lucky!

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Random Shots at the Wedding!

The view...Need I say more!

Katie and I posing....we got a few really good one with all three sisters but don't have them here at work!

Gabe and I posing....

Gabe and I after the wedding!

Matt and I before the wedding

The Miano family...I didn't get any posed shots of the whole Miano gang!

The Rybak, Miano, Robinson family!

You can see the reception area and the house behind where the wedding party stayed...

The wedding ceremony!

The kiss!! The ceremony was so beautiful....they had written the whole thing and it really captured them as a couple. It was such a special day!
Matt walked Mom down the aisle to seat her! Not the most flattering pic but everyone looked amazing!

Carrie being walked down the aisle with her folks! I love this picture bc I think it captures how excited she is! She looked AMAZING!!! Welcome to the family Carrie...we couldn't have chosen a better sister-in law!

Matt hugging his new father in law

Is this the most amazing wedding site? The pictures don't do it justice!

Their dog Molly (spelled it wrong but not sure how they spell it) was the ring bearer! She was such a good pup...a little timid but she warmed up to the crowds! Look at Matt and Carrie's shoes...wish I had gotten a pic of their feet. Carrie had on red rubbie heels and Matt and the groomsmen wore white and red pumas!

The Miano's!!! Please look closely at the table decorations. There were ski boots with fresh Flowers on each table surrounded by pictures of them together over the past 6 years!

Wednesday, August 1, 2007


We just got back from Colorado for Matt (my brother for those who don't know) and Carrie's wedding! It was such an amazing time, and a beautiful wedding! Here are the pics of us just chilling...Wedding photo's to come!
Gabe and my dad chilling the night before we headed to Silverthorne for the big event. My dad and step-mom live in Fort Collins so it was nice to be able to spend some time at their place.

Here is my mom and step-dad with my brothers...The groom, Matt is on the left and Andy is on the right! Andy and his wife Jen hosted a cook-out one evening at the house....

Matt and Oliver (Andy and Jenn's son) goofing off! We are still kids at heart, so here we are at the playground...checkout that background- everywhere you looked you were in awe!

Meg and Oliver reading! We had such a fun time with Oliver...It had been about a year since we had last seen him, such a change...he is talking up a storm and is as sweet as can be!
Mom with the sisters!! We actually went on a little hike- This is a pretty big deal for my family!

My Dad, Pat, and I in Vail CO....We spent Friday afternoon walking around the town...It is gorgeous!