Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Katie's baby shower!

In between those two trips my mom, sister, and I hosted Katie's baby shower. Pea Pod is due any day now so we are anxiously awaiting this baby's arrival! We had a brunch at my mom's house and we made about 95% of the food so we had a lot of work preparing! It was a fun time together and I think all of our hard work paid off bc Katie felt very loved.

Delayed updates!

I am so far behind in blogging that the task seems daunting but we have been up to lots and wanted to share some pictures. There probably won't be many words but let's be honest that's not really why you come here:) It seems blogger has also updated their formatting so man I hope I can figure it out! The end of April we all flew to CO to celebrate my fathers 60th birthday! My siblings were there with their families and it was great to have all the cousins together! We didn't take that many pictures bc we were too busy! We spent some time at the park but enjoyed relaxing in the backyard and of course eating! Finnegan with Hannah Bea
Finnegan in the kiddie pool- it was FREEZING but she got right in. By the end of the week there was lots of grass in it and she wouldn't have anything to do with it bc it was a "mess" as she says. Nutter!
Oliver cuddling with Uncle Gabe
Dad and Pat with me and my siblings
We were home for about two weeks and Finnegan and I went to MD to see my college roomates. You know the ones that all had baby girls in a row...these little ones needed some play time and their momma's needed to catch up!! We split the time btw Kelli's and Sara's places as to not overwhelm either of them...Kelli has a new addition too, Caleb James- cute enough to eat. Finnegan was beyond obsessed with him and wanted to "hold, hold, hold"!
Emily and Finn
The three little ladies! (Cate, Finn, Emily)
Let's add a boy!
Kelli bought the girls matching shirts and unfortunately this was the best picture we could get of the three wearing them.
We moved to Sara's half way through...
We went to the air and space museum next to the DC airport. We were able to see the space shuttle that just landed (I was telling Finnegan it was a spaceship- thankfully someone heard me and corrected me...I am going to blame it on the pregnancy)
We had lots of dance parties- this is Finn's famous swagger
This last picture says it all...We had an amazing trip. The girls were so great with each other and shared all of their toys! It was such a sweet time for us all...the gang is growing so it'll get more interesting every time we get together.
I have some video but have yet to upload it...let's not push our luck!