Saturday, July 20, 2013

1st cookout and random photos!

The family came to our house on the 4th of July for a cookout. It was a fun time and we love making memories in our new home. Finnegan asks often if we can move back to Asheville,  listen to Alicia Key's "Empire State of Mind" (as we talk about NYC), and even mentions our 2 month stint in Belmont longingly but this morning as we pulled out of the driveway she said "I love my new house!" Phew...hope this girls knows that this one's a bit more for keeps. 
The crew inside

The outside crew

Nana Grace with our Gracie girl

Blowing rasberries (and do my kids always have food on their faces or in their hair?)

Momma and her girls

Aunt Alli and Finnegan

Uncle Seth and Quinn are in town!

Sisterly love


Quinn brought Finn some new batman stuff

Pool time

Finn did a face plant but wasn't phased

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

It's offical, we are homeowners

And this is where we call "Home Sweet Home"! It's pretty darn exciting and we really love the house...but at the end of the day it's all about these girls:

And we are seriously IN LOVE! We have two busy little bee's that fuss and cry and lean in for kisses and tell us that we are loved and we just feel so very thankful.

Gabe's crazy schedule has begun (he is still in the academy) so we don't get a whole lot of time together and the time that we do have together has been a bit stressful but I think that just comes along with the territory. We are still looking for a church, friends, community, etc., but having family so close has been a gift and it helps me to not feel as lonely.

Weekends have been spent in the yard doing fun things like this: Be prepared this is an exciting picture!
New vents! 
Hoping that the next few months allows us some good family time and hoping you can find us here

I have a bunch of other random pictures to share but it's not letting me upload anymore so I'll have to revisit it later this week.