Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Since Gracie has been born this blog has had very limited words. Not sure if that is bc I am at a loss for words or bc I am literally talking all day long. Finnegan is no joke and talks nonstop and thus I am answering her all throughout the day. I'm a happy, tired momma!

We do have lots going on right now though. We moved to Asheville almost 2 years ago so that I could stay at home with Finn. We still miss NY dearly...that life seems like a lifetime ago but we have been back twice and each time we are worried we might not make it back to NC. 

After a year in Asheville and Gabe working for himself (during that time we added Gracie to our mix), Gabe decided that freelancing--although he loved editing and it was going well--just wasn't for him. So we went back to the drawing board...fast forward and we now live in Charlotte (2 hours from Asheville) and Gabe is in the police academy. Yes. You read that right. Editor turned police officer.

It had been a dream for him since high school and one that I never encouraged. In fact, I was 100% against it. But I want to have a happy husband and so one morning I woke up and said "Do you still want to do this"? I have never seen a smile so big and within 30 seconds he was applying. I still don't know why I brought it up. It wasn't being discussed at the time but God put those words in my mouth and that is the only explanation. I won't go into detail but this would have never been my first choice.

And so now we are here. We are renting another apartment and starting to get antsy. It's hot in Charlotte. We are a bit lonely (the girls and I) and we are praying for community. We thought we would be buying a home in a cute little town called Belmont but after a few weeks I realized it might be a little too little for me. Sooo we have a home in contract in Huntersville. 10 minutes away from family. 

You just can't plan life, can you? Lots of things surprise me but I can honestly say although I wouldn't have planned much of this, it's right where I (and the family ) are supposed to be. Sometimes that is what carries me through the hard, long, HOT (did I already say that?) days. I feel an overwhelming peace being with my little family of 4--doesn't really matter where we live or how much money we have. Gabe and I could be called a little crazy, but as long as we are living this crazy together you will find us content.

**please don't edit this, Gabe is the editor and I STINK at grammar and punctuation, but if you want words, you're going to have the misplaced commas etc....** Update- this post drove Gabe so crazy with all the mistakes that he did make some edits. 

Wednesday, May 15, 2013


There were two whole strawberries in there but she gummed  it and enjoyed every minute.