Thursday, August 22, 2013

Happy Birthday to our sweet Gracie girl!

I am kind of sentimental on birthdays and first birthdays are so sweet and sad to me! I love the baby stage- it's totally my thing and although it's amazing to see my babies grow up I also mourn the loss of all things baby.
I won't waste your time and list those things but my girl is a' walking, dancing, crazy girl and we seriously fall more in love with her daily.

She loves her big sister to pieces. We just went out of town and Grace didn't want any toys the whole car drive (about 3.5 hours), she just wanted to watch Finnegan play, sing, dance, scream, etc...
Grace didn't give any one the time of day- no smiling and cooing for about 9 months. We kind of joked that she just wasn't impressed! Now this girl plays coy but gives big smiles and loud giggles. She really can dance like it's no bodies business and she lights up when she is happy! She still doesn't let on right away that she is impressed but you can see her smile start in her eyes and move to her lips. She is a CRAZY eater. It's hysterical to watch and she LOVES everything and is never full. 

She is a pretty easy baby but she goes through these phases every few months that she is extremely needy and wants to be held all the time. It's funny bc she fluctuates from being super content to a fusser pot every few weeks. 

Here are just a few random pictures of our sweet baby!!