Sunday, January 20, 2008

Yodeling Ladies

At Gabes birthday shindig the ladies and I prepared a little something something for him...and boy, did he love it! So did the other guys!
Enjoy our crazy ways...I still can't figure out how to get the movie onto the blog so here is the link~
Don't be scared :)

My parents pups in NC

I am in NC this weekend enjoying some girl time with my mom and sisters...We have been having a really great time! Yesterday we all went to the movies, my mom-in-law also joined us...We went to see Juno, my older sister Katie and I really enjoyed it! Allison (my 14 year old sister), my mom, and Sue walked out after 5 minutes...oops, that was a bad call on my part. It was really good but a little crude for a 14 year old. So after that movie recommendation noone will ever listen to me again!
Attaching some pictures off my dogs here:)

After a day with us, my step dad decided to flee to San Antonio bc he just couldn't take all the women...HA! JK, he had a biz trip...So here he is with our lap dog Lance!

Right after these two pictures were taken, my allergies really face kinda broke out in a few hives and my eyes and nose were watery and itching, a small price to pay for some lovin'! (this is why we would get a dog with hair and not fur:)


Saturday, January 19, 2008

The verdict is out- No pup for us...YET

Just wanted those faithful blog checkers to know that our landlord Joe has said NO to the puppy...So guess that means we will be moving in the next few months! Pretty sad seen that I had the puppy picked out...
Keep a good thought!

Sunday, January 13, 2008


I am giddy...I don't get this way very often, in fact I can't remember the last time I have been this excited! Gabe and I have spoken to our landlord about getting a dog. We have wanted one for a long time but in our contract it stated that no pets were allowed. We knew that this was bc his dog didn't get along with other dogs...but in Sept. his older dog went to doggie heaven (whatever, ok!).
So after looking at other apt's that were pet friendly, and even falling in love with one we thought...Would we be moving if we could get a dog? And we decided we probably wouldn't be.

So I called Joe up today and straight out said, we are thinking of moving to get a dog. He said if it were up to him he would say yes but he needs to speak to his mom (who lives under us)~ So everyone keep those fingers crossed, Gabe and I may be becoming a mom and dad to a furry little fellow!

I was so anxious I couldn't even take my Sunday nap...and that never happens!

Party time at the Rob's....

January brings with it birthdays in our household! Last night we had a few folks over from church to help celebrate Gabe's...although he kept denying that was why they were here...Hmm, someone having a hard time getting older?
We made some good food and had our closest friends over....what more could we ask for?
It was a mad race in the kitchen before everyone arrived, bc the place is so small and we don't have counter top the table was a colorful disaster!
Gabe picked the menu...pork chops in wine sauce (this proved to be much harder this time around, I ended up wearing my sunglasses while browning the pork bc hot oil splashed into my eyes a few times...o the joys! We also had couscous and green beans. We also tried something new...s broccoli soup (I think this was the real winner)....
After eating we came into the family room to chill...I had made a fruit pizza (no candles, sorry Gabe), and our friend Katie brought a fondue pot. So after almost burning the place down we figured it out and had pineapples, marshmallows, pound cake and pretzels to dip in chocolate! What a taste treat (that is a special Robinson quote!

Here are a few pics of the evening. The ladies also made a little video to share with you all but Gabe and I are having a hard time downloading on the MAC- is there a MAC for dummies book?

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Not much happening here....

Morning! Well I have told some of our dedicated family members hat I would try to post once a week...So here it goes. Not much is happening in good ole' Brooklyn NY, and it feels great!

We had two couples over for New Years Eve and we really just chilled and it was the perfect way to bring in the New Year. Totally comfie, in my own home with really close friends by our side! We also went to see Sweeney Todd with some friends. It was very good. Johhny Depp was incredible...I don't love the story line but really enjoyed the movie. We spent New years day at a friends apartment but I wasn't feeling well so we came home early and Gabe made me some soup and tucked me in for the night! Not too fun!
Then it was back to work~ I wasn't really feeling up to going to work but knew it was going to be a crazy day so went in. It was a smart move too bc it kept my mind off of feeling crummy!
We have had a really nice weekend, made complete with another trip to the movies. We saw There will be Blood yesterday. It was pretty incredible. Daniel Day Lewis is such an amazing actor. (and last we had heard he was taking a break from the big screen...He made this movie!!) We went to get some bagel sandwiches (always a treat for me), and went to chill at a friends place.
Today we have nothing on the schedule...probably stay in my sweats until church tonight! I am sure I could do something useful around the house, but my book beckons me!