Sunday, August 29, 2010

36 1/2 weeks....

I am definitely large with child...our girl could really come at any time!

Other than being pretty tired we are all doing really well! This kid is a champ and we can't wait to meet her. We currently have birthing classes twice a week, doctors appointments weekly, and then the normal FT work and life stuff happening so I think even if my belly didn't have a cute little Finnegan in it I would be pretty sleepy. Our last appointment I had gained 22 pounds and her heartbeat was nice and strong. Things are starting to happen and the midwife said she was pretty low! The midwife also kept pushing Finn's feet and she just kept kicking back...a little sassy one on my hands.

I wish you could hear Gabe complaining in this pictures. Sometimes I just love embarrassing him.

(I know you love the shoes- unfortunately those are a MUST for this preggo lady)

Saturday, August 14, 2010

A story of College Roomates and our Babies

My two best friends and I met in college. Kelli and I lived next door to each other freshman year and chose to room together sophomore year (people referred to us as just Kelli and Meg and I don't think they really knew which one of us was which). Sophomore year we met Sara who lived downstairs in the dorm. By Junior year the three of us decided to move off campus together, and we lived together our Senior year too (until Gabe and I got married that March).

I loved living with my best friends! We really didn't have any issue's and got along great. After graduation we all went our separate ways...Gabe and I headed to Scotland, Kelli went to NC, and Sara went to VA. It was very hard being so far apart from my favorite ladies. We were in each others' weddings and have kept in touch very well- trying to see each other at least once a year. They now both live in the DC area (I AM SO JEALOUS!)....but the reason I tell this story is that we have all been pregnant together, all having baby girls, AT THE SAME TIME! This wasn't some foolish pact that we made but of course now we talk about living in the same neighborhood and raising our kids together and opening our own daycare- didn't you guys have these talks with your bests buds growing up?

It has been really cool going through this experience together. Our stories are all very different and our pregnancies didn't look alike at all....But we will all have baby girls to swoon over by the end of Sept!
Sara had Cate on June 29th! A perfect little bundle of joy! I can't wait to meet her. NEED PICS OF HER.
Kelli will be having baby girl Carter around Sept. 7th and I will be having Finnegan Marie around Sept. 22nd....CRAZY- RIGHT! What are the chances, and the fact that we are all having girls. Can't wait for our next get-together.

Kelli and Joel came down for Finn's shower and we got to take some great belly warned, we do show bare bumps!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

NUMB by Sean Ferrell

Gabe here. A book I worked on and am extremely excited about, NUMB by Sean Ferrell, goes on sale today. In a nutshell, it's the story of a man who can feel no pain and has no memory of how he came to be this way. Great concept, and that by itself should be enough to make you want to read it. But Sean is a fiercely talented author, one of the smartest and most imaginative writers I've come across, and he takes this great concept and turns it into a heart-warming, thought-provoking, endearing, truly gripping read. I think Sean's going to be writing great books for a long, long time, and I was thrilled to get to work with him on this one. You can check out an excerpt from NUMB here. Or, if you want to just go ahead and buy it, by all means, go for it. You'll find a list of online retailers here, or just check out your nearest bookstore. I'm not even trying to veil my plugging of this book, and I make no apologies. It's a good one. Happy reading!