Thursday, May 8, 2014

It's been just a little bit...

And although I could say we are just so busy the truth is that our computers have been on the fritz and so I had NO place to download all the pictures we have been taking. Let's be honest, this blog is nothing with out pictures, so it went neglected for many months.

I'm back and well this is not going to be organized whatsoever so bear with me...These are all from my phone and WHY WON"T THE VIDEOS WORK???

Finnegan's first black eye. She was dancing around the family room and ran into the tv stand.

St. Patrick's Day parade. A last min decision and so much fun with Grammy!

10 year anniversary celebrated in Savannah GA...only pic together, don't mind the thumb

Nana Grace with my Gracie girl

Stocking up for our garden! Can't wait until we can pick all the veggies!

Finnegan Marie's first sports team!! SOCCER

Gracie got caught and was o' so sad!

A treat after soccer

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